Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!


Traditionally, we celebrate Turkey Day a day or too later than most. The Brother-in-laws' wives have taken over that day to spend at their families' homes. So, we have always done our family meal on Friday or Saturday.

So while the rest of you are stuffing yourselves silly, I will be cleaning my house and preparing some dishes ahead to save myself some trouble tomorrow.

Luckily it shouldn't be too much work. My Mother-in-law prepares the fresh turkey for me and all I have to do it slap it in the oven.

We'll be eating ourselves silly while you are out standing in 10 deep lines spending your ill-gotten gains on stuff your loved ones will be returning nano-seconds after opening.

GG me.

On another note, I received my new laptop at 4:57pm, Tuesday, just as we were running out the door to dinner. As soon as we got home I started setting it up. The next day I discovered that the DVD drive wouldn't read any disk I put in it. Sigh.

The closest repair place is 40 miles away. I'll be calling them to arrange for repair/replacement of the drive.

I spent quite a while with tech support diagnosing the issue with the DVD drive and the wireless networking. I could not get connected to my new N router. Turned out that Vista or my wireless card had to have the security set for WPA2 only. Damn thing. I had to reset my router and every other wireless connection in the house. I won't even mention that it won't connect at N speeds for some reason. Sigh.

I used a transfer utility to get some of my programs over but it would transfer my Office because it detected a trial version on the new laptop. I need to work with that some more since the DVD drive isn't working so I can't install it that way. I seriously need to synch my cell phone with Outlook.

The plan is to take the HP with the dead usb ports in to be diagnosed and use the Toshiba until I get a verdict on the HP. Then the Toshiba will head out the door.

I spend a few hours configuring my mother's new laptop. That was significantly easier since the only things she does are email and bridge. I may have to keep hers around until I get at least one of these others working at 100%.

Someday, oh, someday I'll have a working laptop.

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