Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kiddie Bowling

The Zooks boys bowl every Saturday in a youth league.

Zooks 97 is a natural talent at most everything he tries. Zooks99 has to work a little harder at but he has great potential. It's hard to make comparisons because there is an age gap - and, really, I shouldn't be making comparisons like that at all. Bad Mommy, bad bad Mommy.

The Other Half offered to let me do my Thanksgiving grocery shopping while he took the boys to bowling yesterday. At first I wasn't going to take him up on his offer but the more I thought about it the more appealing it became.

Of course that meant I wasn't there to see this:

Bad Mommy, bad bad Mommy. Sigh.


OhCaptain said...

Don't feel guilty, it's hard to give up bragging about the kids when one of them does something to brag about.

Nice line for Zooks 97! (Zooks99 will get there...two year (assuming) is bigger gap than you think.

tsheets said...

I'd have a hard time keeping up with Zooks99!!! Zooks 97 would smoke me!! LOL