Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday AM Bowling

I was asked to sub for a Thursday AM bowler in his Monday AM league. I'm so surprised at how many people bowl multiple leagues WITH THE SAME PEOPLE. Not the same teammates, mind you, but the same people bowling in different leagues. Part of the fun of bowling is to bowl with different people.

I should talk. LOL. My Thursday team has 3/4 players from Monday night.

I agreed to sub for this guy but warned him that I may not do it again if it adversely effects my Monday Night game. The last time I tried to bowl two leagues in the same day turned out to be a bad thing.

I've been having a hard time warming up to bowling in the mornings already so I wasn't really sure how well I would do. It was a handicap league so I really wasn't too worried.

I'd say I held my own:

If my math is correct I bowled an 857 series for a 214 average! Woooooooot! Now I will never bowl in that league again because the next time I do I won't have any handicap or any hope of repeating that series! LOL!

I guess the adjustments I have been making are working well.

The true test will be how I bowl tonight. Improving your form can have a dramatic effect on how well you can bowl over many games. I'm a much better bowler now than the last time I tried to pull this off.

One of my Monday night bowlers showed up to watch us bowl this morning and threatened me with bodily harm and humiliation if I didn't bowl this well tonight.

Wish me luck!

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