Thursday, November 15, 2007

Technodrama, Day II

So after doing the whole master reset on the phone and determining that the problem was all my phone I'm still adjusting to life with a different setup. I'm not so set in my ways that I can't adjust to life's little curve balls.

The usb port issues, however, are still unresolved. I managed to get back my external keyboard, cell phone synch cradle and the cordless mouse however briefly it might have been. I left my house this morning to go bowling (we won't go there now) and run some errands.

I get home to a frozen laptop and it's a little warmer than I recall it ever being.

Oh joy.

I unplug, de-battery and reboot. Yet again, none of my usb ports work. After scouring the interwebs for this issue and, as a last resort, hitting up the HP Support page I try this-n-that but to no avail. It's sad to say but this laptop is no good if I can't synch to my cell phone.

I'm afraid that my dear laptop is going to have to go into the shop. My computer boy, Justin, is very good and I have a lot of faith in him. I'm hoping this is some trivial problem that will be easily repaired. Else, I hope it can't be repaired and I will be, er, forced to get a new screaming beasty of a laptop and hand this still functioning (sans usb ports) laptop to Zooks97 who is dying for a chance to get his hands on it. (Note to self: surgical cleaning will be required to removed all "questionable" material before turning control over to child.)

Let's see, when would be a good time to take laptop in to shop. Hmmm, tomorrow is Friday. Highly unlikely to get it back before weekend.

Friday is bad idea.

Monday. Monday should be good. Wait, next week is Thanksgiving. Oh Shit. Unless Justin can have it fixed by Wednesday I'll have to be without until at the least the following Monday.




This is not looking good.

(Note to self: never eff up a computer the week before a major holiday.)

... to be continued.


tsheets said...

Can you roll back the update or restore from an old saved restore point? No guarantee that would fix it, but may be worth a shot.

Gadzooks64 said...

Yeah, I uninstalled the latest update but no love.

Been doing other stuff without success as well.

I have schedule an appt with the puter guy for Monday if I don't figure it out before then.

Stay tuned for another announcement coming soon!