Wednesday, December 12, 2007

$20 SNG

I decided to try my hand at a $20 SNG on Full Tilt. I've been playing mostly $10 SNGs lately and that's been going well. I've learned to have a much more patient game and I think that's helped me a lot.

I get my seat and proceed to get the worst run of cards I have ever seen. The table, with the exception of one maniac, is playing very tight. The maniac is approaching 100% VP. Srsly.

Here's a synopsis of my hands:

[3s Ts]
[Jc 8d]
[4d 7c]
[Qd 5d]
[8d 3c]
[Th 8h]
[9s 3h]
[8h 3c]
[Th 3s]
[3h Js]
[5c Jh]
[Ts Kc]
[7h Qd]
[7d Qd]
[Qc Jd]
[3c 7s]
[5h Jh]
[7s 2h]
[3c Ad]
[3d 6h]
[4h 8s]
[7d As]
[4h Qd]
[5h 4s]
[9d As]

[Tc Qc] First time I put money in pot (from sb). Checked to river and I called a small bet from maniac who had 52sooooooted to win with a pair of Ts

[Qd 6c]
[Ts Js] Raised in front of me and maniac behind me I folded.
[Kc Qd]
[Qh Kd]
[Ks 8c]
[7s Ac]
[9d 4d]
[5s Js]
[Kd 2c]
[Qs 6s]

Nothing to look at, move along move along....

[7d Tc]
[3d 8s]
[6h 5h]
[4h 7h]
[2h 8c]
[7d 3s]
[3d 8d]
[3s Qc]
[7s 7h] 60/120 I open shoved for 1280, no callers
[5d 6d]
[6s Js]

Right about now we have 6 players left with one Huge stack (maniac), one really short stack and 4 stacks about 1300ish.

[5c Kc]
[8s Qh]
[3h 2h]
[Th Js]
[6c Qc]
[5c 6d]

By now I'm definitely the short stack. 5 left: 1160 (me), 3 @ 2-2.5k, and maniac with 5k.

[7s 2s]
[Ad Kh] Open shove, no callers.
[3d 2h]
[Js Ac] Open shove after Big Stack limps, no callers
[8s Qd]
[Qs 6h]

Down to the bubble

[5h 2d]
[Js Ks] Call and raise ahead of me, I fold
[9s 2h]
[4s 9d]
[6d 3h]

[Ah Th] Raise and Reraise in front of me, I fold AJ v KQ. I'm ITM.

[9h 2d]
[6s 3c]
[4c 5s]
[7h Jh] I push from SB called by maniac in BB with A2d. IGHN.

I guess the moral of the story is this: sometimes you just need to stay outta the way and let the big dogs fight. I'm happy with the scraps in this case.
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Start Date: December 12 9:10 PM ET

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OhCaptain said...

Congrats! That's starting to look like my hand history for the night.

My last tournament, the only Hellmuth top 10 hand I saw was AK in the walked to me. So Sweet!

Joe-Unimpressed said...

That's good to know. Though even 2k isn't going to be easy to come by.