Friday, December 07, 2007

Blow Snow

When we moved into this house I told The Other Half that we should buy a snow blower since we now own more sidewalk that we had ever before in our lives. Silence.

I'm sure the words "snow blower" came out of my mouth at some point during the first two winters here. Probably multiple times as I refuse to shovel snow. A girl has to draw the line somewhere. Mine just happened to be in the snow. Silence.

Last winter wasn't too bad. Instead of several small snow storms we had a few HUGE ones. I suggested to The Other Half that we request a donation from the in-laws towards a you-know-what for our Christmas present. Silence.

In the early spring I noticed this bad boy on the Sam's Club Auction site. I picked it up for $600 including the shipping (twice that much at We made a deal with some neighbors to store it in there garage since they had a three car garage to our oversized two car garage in exchange they would be able to use it.

Now, we knew there was snow coming for a while now and for the last two or three weeks The Other Half has been intending to take the snow blower to the "storage" area for safe keeping. If it did indeed snow a lot we would have to get a car out of the garage before we would be able to use the snow blower. Rather counterproductive.

The Other Half finally dragged it out and got it working. OMG this bad boy is HUGE and works like a charm. Woooooooot! Now we just have to get it up to the neighbor's house!


OhCaptain said...

Hmmm...Nice snow plower. Wish I had one. I also wish we only had that much snow. Were on about our 8th inch here with more coming tomorrow. We got 3 inches just yesterday.

We had a snow blower. It died. No rich relatives appeared at the funeral offering to pony up for a new one. We even served cake.

Damn relatives!

t said...

tell rick i said...