Monday, December 17, 2007

Bowling Buzz

I have it.

Not to self: no more drinking and bowling.

It was position night. We're in first.

We kicked butt the first two games. It helped that Trey bowled a 279. I had a respectable 184, 190. In the middle of the second game I shared an Amaretto Stone Sour with Jimmy. Then I went on to suck down a Piece of Ass. Yummmmmmmm.

Oh look, a shitty cell phone pic.
And, yes, I was on my way to being buzzed when I took this.
But I swear that had nothing to do with it.

Then I bowled a 135.

No more bowling and drinking.

P.S. We're still in first.


MacAnthony said...

How does one get the "drunk-vision" filter on their camera? Now combine that with a phone that would know your actual blood alcohol level and appropriately apply the filter when it's at a certain level, and we have a product that will make BILLIONS!!

tucker said...

That 279 is good for an 11 in a row plaque - I got one of those a few years ago - and mine was the same way too - open in the first and then 11 in a row for 279.

Sadly, you will not be receiving a plaque for your 135! :)

themightyquin said...

Zooks, You can change your description to 'I'm an avid bowler, degenerate poker player. and a lightweight'.

Gadzooks64 said...

Hahahha, lightweight, so true.

Yeah, the guy with the 279 has a ton of honor scores. He was hoping to hit an 800 that night but his last game went downhill as well.

themightyquin said...

I know what qualifies for a beer frame in bowling but what qualifies for a piece of ass frame.

Gadzooks64 said...

Beer Frame = Strikes from everybody

Piece of Ass Frame = Are you wearing bowling shoes? Time to drink!