Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cake RTR Freeroll

This was my first Cake RTR Freeroll. Pretty sure it was my first. Heck I can't remember.

Luckily for me, I was at a table with all the rest of the players sitting out. I managed to steal almost every chip at the table before another live player showed up. Of course I got AA 6 times during that time frame, KK and QQ a few times, numerous pairs and AK, AQ, AJ, etc.

When the live players show up I'm 2nd in chips. And I just go down from there. A few steals here and there and one more AA hand that I was able to take a short stack out with. That's all she wrote for me.

I raised OTB with KQc and the SB pushed. I thought about it and called, bitch had AA. Sigh.

I did get her back with TT v AA when a T hit on river. She didn't deserve to get AA so many times anyway. LOL.

I noticed this in the table chat and couldn't help but wonder WTF was going on but then I got moved to another table.

LuckTard: suhwheat
bigdave0715: wow u were nt kidding l
potripper363: got to keep the donkeys happy
Tournament: Extra Time for Agent23
LuckTard: eeeawwww eeeawww
potripper363: give me aa that keeps me quiet ;)
LuckTard: KQc sucks
potripper363: nh
LuckTard: just sayin
potripper363: so does 1010 when cards are random
LuckTard: you'd think that wouldn't ya
potripper363: ie other sites
LuckTard: I got AA 6 times at a dead table
LuckTard: haven't seen em since
potripper363: i had it in bb earlier
potripper363: got folded around
Tournament: Extra Time for happykiller
Tournament: kie00 is eliminated and is placed 29th
Kolbace: wow
potripper363: ola
pkrprincess [Observer]: hey potripper how does it feel to play
your last RTR freeroll?
potripper363: u took 2 minutes to play on bubble
Tournament: Blinds going up to $1,000/$2,000 Ante $100
pkrprincess [Observer]: keeping the name calling honey, your
account will be blocked tomorrow
potripper363: thats poor etiquette
pkrprincess [Observer]: nothing against that
potripper363: they can take my chat
pkrprincess [Observer]: besides folded AA on the bubble
Tournament: Kolbace is eliminated and is placed 28th
pkrprincess [Observer]: nope....rake the rake will block you
potripper363: who cares ur a cheat
Kolbace [Observer]: lucker
pkrprincess [Observer]: that is not cheating
potripper363: i have 14 accounts with them
pkrprincess [Observer]: oh well good
potripper363: make them 2000 a month
pkrprincess [Observer]: all will be blocked
potripper363: lets see
potripper363: ur a cheat
potripper363: stallers are scum
firegirl366 [Observer]: needs gamblers anonymous
pkrprincess [Observer]: it's part of the game
potripper363: i like fair games
potripper363: no its poor etiquette
firegirl366 [Observer]: thinking isn't fair??
potripper363: ive reported you
pkrprincess [Observer]: good
pkrprincess [Observer]: it's worse etiquitte to call names
potripper363: send jessica my regards
potripper363: names dont cost money
pkrprincess [Observer]: and neither did i
firegirl366 [Observer]: is that fraternization
pkrprincess [Observer]: show me the rule that says i can't take
time to make a decision
potripper363: ok then
potripper363: read any forum
firegirl366 [Observer]: that's why they give time
potripper363: not to be abused
pkrprincess [Observer]: if it was wrong why do the allow you 1
potripper363: for genuine reasons
HungryEyes [Observer]: well Potripper - you can have 100
accounts with RTR ... Jessica is a personal friend of mine and
firegirl366 [Observer]: she folded aces whle she was thinking
potripper363: who cares
potripper363: shes a cheat
HungryEyes [Observer]: yes .. you dont call other members
anymore like this
pkrprincess [Observer]: I HAD AA
potripper363: and if she folded aces shes stupid too
pkrprincess [Observer]: idiot
HungryEyes [Observer]: SHE IS A PROFESSIONAL
HungryEyes [Observer]: AND NOW END ........
firegirl366 [Observer]: aces are just two cards moron
potripper363: dealers are worst players we all know

Ahhh, gotta love some drama. Too bad I got moved. I'm sure they continued to rant at one another.

Anyway, I blinded away to go out in 17th for $80.

Not a bad deal at all.


HungryEyes said...

I was watching that tourney ... you`re nothing but a bad joke with not a single idea bout poker bragging girlie //HungryEyes

Gadzooks64 said...

Not sure what you are taking as bragging and I find it hard to believe that you would recall anything about my play a whole two months after the fact.

Vielen gluck.

Zerbet said...

And you are a pussy. If she needs to, she can learn - you, on the other hand, will always be a pussy.