Sunday, December 23, 2007

"He" is a "Donk"

Boborella: good lord
bigbaby: wow
Boborella: he cold called with it, and he called the flop with it
NightHawk: bb-no cold call
Boborella: flopped up and down, thought it was gutshot
NightHawk: posted
Boborella: yeah
Boborella: however....
Boborella: ah well he won fair and square
Boborella: I shoulda three bet, I wanted action
Boborella: and I got it
Boborella: ;)
Boborella: expensive mistake.... although if he calls a double
raise there, same outcome
Boborella: he's not laying down the up and down draw
Boborella: and for some reason, my hunch is he calls any
number of raises in that situation-- he was, after all, sooooted

Suited connectors in position and I'm already in for a bet. After that I had some pots odds, maybe not enough but what the hay. LOL.


tucker said...

Hey, there are bunches and bunches of times when you get your money in with the best hand, only to be sucked out on. It's nice when things even out (although I'm sure we take more bad beats than we give...) ;)

am said...

I always gnu you were a "he".

t said...

i thought this was a post about blahz

(and ya id already read it, but i just stumbled across it again and thought of a funny comment, nh gg ighn)