Sunday, December 09, 2007

Home Game, Bowling and Partying

Who knew I could fit so much into one small weekend?

Home Game
I was invited to Tucker's home game on Friday night. Got the go ahead from The Other Half so I headed over there after a side stop at Starbuck's. He had a very nice setup although the talking Tournament Director was a little over the top (Toby you are a such a geek!).

There were 11 runners so we started with 5 at my table and six at the other table. The only remarkable hand I remember:

Me: 8d9d
Victim: Ah6h

I limp and Victim pops it up. I call.

Flop: 89h8h

Check, check

Turn 3h (he hits the nut flush)

Check, check

This is where I should have bet but I didn't want him to think I'd hit the flush. Knowing his holdings after the fact I definitely could have bet here and gotten a call.

River 3

Board 89h8h3h3

Well shit. I'm probably not gonna get a lot of chips outta this with a double paired board. I bet 200 into a pot of about 450. He says, "I gotta call you but you probably have me" and shows his flush to my flopped full house.

Eventually we lost two players and combined down to one table. I think I played two hands before I was all in blind (T2o) with 600 of my 700 in the BB. I was so card dead it wasn't even funny. I ended up sucking out with a T on the river. I made a comeback only to go out 3rd but ITM.

Only reason I made it that far was because Jeff was an utter luckbox and sucked out a wheel with his Arag v Toby's QQ all in preflop. He also killed me with AQo v my ATd when I out flopped him with a T but he runner runner flushed me on the end.

Still, thankful that I made it to the money and got to play in an event that I didn't have to host!

The boys were playing in the city youth bowling tournament at 8:30 am on Saturday. I didn't make it home until about midnight Friday so I was draggin butt on Saturday morning. Luckily they bowled much better than their 2006 season ending averages.

Handy Man
After a stop at Chevy's for lunch we headed home. Good thing the timing was right. I'd forgotten all about the handyman coming over to finish repairing the holes in the basement walls and do some touch up painting. I had him shave off a door while he was here as well.

I love my handyman. He's got the greatest attitude and some serious skills. I found him when I bought a light tube from the hardware store and needed someone to install it. The guy at the order desk game me Robert's card and said, "This guy is real good but you didn't get his card from me."

Since then Robert has done a few jobs for me and I've been very happy with his work. After chatting me up a bit and getting some more mud on the holes he said he had a proposition for me. His wife has been answering his business calls and setting up his work schedule for him but it seems that she's not doing it quite the way he'd like and it's starting to cause some friction. He was wondering if I'd be interested in working for him taking his calls and setting up his schedule.

Now, I have poker habit you might have heard of. Might. And, I want to be able to take a trip to Vegas every year and maybe another Palooza or two I'd like to hit as well. The Other Half has been pretty understanding of my habit so far but I know he'd rather not support my Poker Hobby, as it were. I'd already mentioned to him that I was thinking about doing contract tax work in the spring to fund my next Vegaspalooza and he seemed alright with that.

After some discussion and thought I decided I would give it a go working for Robert a few hours a week from my house - heck, I'm home and on the computer most days anyway. We're going to start this after the kids get back in school. I think this might work out very well. If not, I gave it a try.

Party Party Party
Suburbanites know how to party?!?!?! Who knew?

The Other Half's previous boss lives in our neighborhood. We received an invite to their Christmas party and decided we'd go. Martini's and beer! OH MY! I tried a Chocolate Peppermintini before I switched to Sam Adams.

Previous Boss went around recruiting players for a Ping Pong tournament. I was partnered with somebody I didn't know but we did make it past the first round only to go down in flames the second round.

The Other Half was partnered with a friend who is very cute and perky. She got a little crazy and it started to rub off on some of the players. It was a scream to watch. One guy - originally from Australia - started chanting Auzzie Auzzie Auzzie Oy Oy Oy! I was all over that!

I was having a great time but we'd told the sitter we would be home by 10:00 and, after the previous night's festivities combined with getting up at the crack of dawn to go bowling, I was definitely ready to hit the sack.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear about continuing madness at that party. Hmm may be time to make a phone call or two to get the scoop.

Pokerslut Tour
Tonight is the Pokerslut Tour Season VII Stud event. Be there, be cool!

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