Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Presents Oh My!

So this year there's just not that much to go under the tree. My kids have hit that age where they don't really want that much. But, we did have to buy them some new bowling shoes, some deck shoes, jeans, etc.

I cracked myself up thinking I should take all these things and put them under the tree with scattered shreds and balls of wrapping paper. Then tell my kids, "Look at all the stuff you got for Xmas but opened already!"

I'm still chuckling inside.

I'm diabolical, I know.


Kate said...

That cartoon pretty much sums it up. I'd steal it for my own blog, but we've already seen how much trouble that line of thought can get me in. :P

And the idea of putting out pre-opened gifts is delightful. "Look, we were just trying to save you the time and hassle. Now go cook us breakfast."

Gadzooks64 said...


Now go cook us breakfast!