Friday, January 25, 2008


WTF!?!?!? Srsly?

I gotta go bowling in this weather?

Eff Me.


am said...

68 mph while taking a picture with your cell phone...that's a little fast for your driveway, dontcha think?

t said...

you stopped to get air in your tires when it was -10 for no reason, whats the big deal


ps get some gas

Gadzooks64 said...


You weren't supposed to notice that, am.

Zerbet said...
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Zerbet said...

70 miles per hour, we're low on gas, it's 5 below outside, and we're going bowling.

We're on a Mission from God.

tsheets said...

LOL @zerb!

Lynx56 said...

Poor silly midwesterners need a thermometer to tell them when it's cold. In Phoenix nobody needs to tell us when it's cold. We just take off our sandals and put on shoes.