Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Credit Card Fraud

Call me a victim.

I've had my Discover account for over a decade.

I've shopped with it online since the day I got it.

Discover has called me on several occasions to verify charges weren't fraudulent and until this weekend they never were.

We got a call from them on Saturday night asking if we had tried to make a purchase at a Target in South Carolina. The Other Half told them, uh no, and promptly handed me the phone since I deal with all matters financial.

The nice person on the phone was all calm about it as she informed me that the account has been closed and new account was started. Our new cards would go out overnight on Monday for delivery on Tuesday morning.

That's all fine except for the fact that I HAVE REGISTERED THAT ACCOUNT DAMN NEAR EVERYWHERE I SHOP ON THE INTERNET AND EVEN SOME AUTOPAY ACCOUNTS. Sigh. I even had that number memorized so I didn't even have to break a sweat when spending The Other Half's hard earned money.

I received the new cards as promised this morning, activated them, and even set the new account up in Quicken. All is working well but the hardest part is still ahead of me: changing all the places I used that card. I have autopay set up all over the place and my inbox will be filling up with "your card was denied" emails for weeks to come.


The Marquis said...

That sucks, but at least the most annoying part is the inconvenience and nothing else.

MacAnthony said...

See, nothing but bad beat posts...

OhCaptain said...

I'd enjoy the annoying part knowing that that's the worst that will happen. I've watch people need to chase down their whole lives because the Social Security Number got swiped and now the have a criminal record and the credit rating is in the toilet becauses they've defaulted on credit cards in 11 countries.

Its frustrating, annoying but at least its not devastating. Keep your chin up, it will be better soon.