Friday, January 04, 2008

Iron Man

Well, ok, realistically it's more likely to be Bronze Woman than Iron Man but still, I have a goal for the month.

Full Tilt Poker has this Iron Man program for players that play a lot. If you accumulate enough points over enough days of the month you qualify for Iron Man Status. I have never even bothered to try for this since it's really hard to get points at the levels I play. I just started playing 1/2 limit last year but even that didn't earn me that many points.

Just before the new year I started to play some 2/4 limit. That worked out well and I've been playing it since then. Turns out you can really earn some points playing two tables. Yesterday I went on a bad run for a while but I stuck with it long enough to book a small win for the day. Imagine my surprise when I opened up my points calendar to see this:

I think I might realistically be able to pull off Bronze status for this month. I need to do more research into what prizes are offered. I know there's a freeroll option and I'm pretty sure that's what I selected but I might be better off with one of the other options.

In general it's good to have goals but I've found that in poker you have to have them or you find yourself floundering around aimlessly playing and that's when bad things happen to good players. Anything that helps me focus more on my game tends to make me improve my game.


Hrbek said...

in the old days, when it was freeroll or nothing, there'd be 33% attendance and it was cake to money.

now there are still a lot of noshows but the majority of the noshows opt for the medals.

i used medals to get some tokens. but you get more medals the more months in a row you've been in, and it's pry EV+ to take the freeroll.

GL get there

MacAnthony said...

If I recall correctly, if you make the freeroll, the prize pool is divided among the entrants and each entrant's stake is deducted from your MGR (pre-rakeback rake amount). This reduces your rakeback, if you earn it, by 27% of your stake in the freeroll so it doesn't actual work as a "freeroll". Basically you are getting a 73% discount into the tourney.

This is true for most "freerolls" that FTP has. The only ones that are truly freerolls are events that the prize pool is put up by another source other than FTP. Things like affiliate freerolls where the affiliate put up the money, are the only true freerolls.

tucker said...

I've only played on stars, but they now have an option to trade in your FPP for cash - 5000 FPP = 50 dollars. I've cashed in twice in the past 3 weeks - does full tilt have anything like this?