Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Viggo Baby!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll get to Roccopolooza soon.

In the mean time enjoy this NSFW video. Click through if you are using a reader.

Just to warm you up, some chat with my buddy T:

zooks: omg I have to watch the video
zooks: but it's nsfw
zooks: I'll save it for later
khan: gawd he is hot
zooks: uh huh
zooks: yah huh
zooks: yeah baby
zooks: do me, do me now, do me hard
khan: a guy we actually agree on
khan: lol
khan: omg hes nekkid
zooks: what are the odds THAT video will end up on my blog?
zooks: only like 100000000%
zooks: btw, this chat, in blog
zooks: count on it
khan: penis goes by too fast, i need to pause
zooks: lol
khan: DAMN IT
zooks: no, we will be buying that dvd
zooks: I assure you
khan: hehehe
khan: 50 HD
zooks: uh huh
zooks: lol
khan: oh i saw it that time
zooks: and you'll rip it for me
zooks: hahahhahahah
khan: holy fuck thats a nasty fight scene


t said...

btw when i said DAMN IT.. it was cause i had already typed the bit about missing the penis when u said u were posting the chat on ur blog

The Wife said...

Viggo is hot!