Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Chameleon

My internet "teh sux" today. Apparently there is a known outage in my area. What they really mean is a crawlage. I have service but it is slothfully slow.

I made the mistake of trying to play a sng today - my first online poker in quite some time - only to be disconnected from Full Tilt a number of times before I gave up and called for backup. "I" bubbled just like I normally would have. Sigh.

Let's twiddle thumbs while we wait for the page with the pattern description to come up so I can cut n paste it right over there for you to enjoy, cause, well, we all have nothing better to do, now do we? Yawn.


Length: 39 feet

Chameleons change color to outsmart their enemies. To excel on this pattern, bowlers must be versatile in many styles of play.

Chameleon measures 39 feet and resembles a "retro" approach to pattern design. Oil is placed in "strips" and requires the player to play in a specific zone on the lane, as compared to a "multiple angles" condition. The scoring pace for this pattern can range from low to high, depending on the condition of the surface.

Let's just say that I did my best to hit the 500 series I spoke of last time but it wasn't to be. Color me a lovely 499. Once again I had the best games and series of my team. We did manage to win 4/5 points. Shocking I know. Truly.

I threw so many 9 counts it wasn't even amusing after a while. And when that last pin would wobble and STAY STANDING I was on the verge of going postal on somebody's ass. That SOMEBODY was one of my teammates that had the nerve to try to tell me how I should adjust when he couldn't seem to pull HIS OWN HEAD OUTTA HIS OWN ASS AND BOWL A DECENT GAME. Not a good time to point anything out to me, just sayin.

Not picking up a few key spares definitely held me back. I ended up with 168, 156, 175 for a 499. For the most part everybody struggled with this shot. I can't wait to see how I do on it next week. I think I do have a couple more tricks up my sleeve. Provided SOMEBODY doesn't try to mess with my head I should have a shot at improving over this week's performance.

Last night it was back to the house shot. Turns out we were bowling the bye! Wooooooot! Always fun to goof off without having to stress over winning. I started off with the Blade but it was behaving erratically. I switched to the NV for the last game and pulled it together after getting 3 nasty splits out of the first 4 frames to finish out with a 215. 181, 180, 215 = 576 just a hair over my 573 series average.


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