Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Night Poker

Snarf talked me into playing the Blogger Donkament after I talked him into playing a $3 KO. I don't know why I bother to play the KO turnaments because I rarely ever get any KOs. I did manage to make it to the final table for a cash though.

All the while I was also donking it up with the bloggers. I was thrilled to see meanhappyguy playing since I met him at the MGM mixed games last summer. We decided to pick horses after the rebuys were over. My horse promptly bit the dust and mhg took out his own horse, doh!

We agreed to post pictures drawn using paint on our blogs commemorating the event. I suck at this but here we go. A horse is a horse of course unless I draw it in paint. For you meanhappyguy.

The actual miracle of the evening was Snarf's resurrection from the near dead to HU with me after an incredibly tight final table. It hard to believe these were the same players we started with. Snarf and I luckboxed our way to HU and agreed on a chop. Lucky for him, too, because I was hitting cards right and left while we negotiated the chop.

Regardless, I have the trophy! I can now officially say that I've won a blogger event. Don't worry, it's totally going to my head.

Oh, and Blaz, a pox on you for railing Snarf like that!


meanhappyguy said...

Oh z00ks, you've got it all crazy ass-backwards! We each picked two horses. You picked Cayne, the chipleader. I picked you. Since we couldn't get anyone else in on it, we ended up each picking two horses. I picked Dontknow and you picked Snarf--at the same moment, Dontknow crippled Snarf, and we agreed that you could repick (because it looked like I just picked the new, overwhelming chipleader, which I assure you, wasn't the case...). You repicked me as your second horse.

Since you won, and you were one of my horses, I win the bet! (Betting on the ponies? Ya?) And you had to create the beautiful MS Paint picture commemorating the moment. I might just toss on a picture into my blog to be nice, and since I've been working on it.

Gadzooks64 said...


I am betarded.

I did draw this picture while we were playing but didn't get around to finishing it. I was going to draw YOU on the horse but, alas, I got caught up in playing.

Lynx56 said...

If those are bloggers how come I've never heard of them?

SmBoatDrinks said...

Congrats Zooks!