Tuesday, February 19, 2008

House Shot

Yes, I'm posting about bowling. Again.

Get over it.

Sunday was the second week of the Chameleon. I didn't even come close to bowling as well as I did the week before finishing up with about a 450 series. I think I might have found my line about the 8th frame of the last game. Might have.

Last night was back to the house shot which I like significantly more. I started off well with a 220 and I won poker when I picked up a 4th nine in the 10th frame to best Jimmy's full house! Wooooot!

The second game I finished with XX9 to hit 200. I sit down, rifle through my cards knowing I have to beat a full house when I was shocked to see:

Let's just say Jimmy wasn't happy but not terribly bummed because he and I had a side bet about who would win that game: him or Trey. I accepted his wager when Trey was ahead and running well. Little did I know that Trey would choke and Jimmy would finish out his game for the win. Sigh.

I needed 9 or better on my last ball of the 3rd game to make a 600 series. But no, I get an 8 count for a loverly 599. Eff. Me.

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t said...

im sorry,but i could have swore i just saw you bitch about bowling a 599.

just sayin.