Thursday, February 14, 2008

Position Round

No, not that kind of position round.

I'm talking about bowling!

So far this season we've been firmly planted in second place behind some very serious bowlers. The team is made up of 4 very good bowlers. The woman on the team bowled a 300 the very first game of the season. She takes bowling seriously. Too seriously. Hell, for that matter, she takes herself too damn seriously as well.

For some strange reason my team had to play this team the very first week of bowling. Then we played them again the first position round. The very next week WE PLAYED THEM AGAIN FOR THE REGULAR ROTATION. The season is only 30 weeks long and we've already played them 10% of the time.

Today was yet another position round AND WE PLAYED THEM AGAIN. For the most part they've kicked our butts. We've never managed to have all 3 of us play well at the same time which is what it takes for us to beat them, well, that and for them to break a leg or three. We have hardly any handicap and they have none so it's really a scratch contest.

The first game we managed to beat them by over 100 pins. Wooooot! The three of use each bowled 200+ while they struggled. The next game was too close for comfort. We ended up losing by 7 lousy pins. We still had our 100+ cushion but it would have been really nice if we could win the last game and take 3/4 points but, alas, it wasn't meant to be. We fell apart in the end and they managed to beat us by 30+ pins. We ended up splitting 2/4.

It's absolutely no fun for me to bowl these people. Not because they kick my butt but because they aren't happy UNLESS THEY KICK MY BUTT. And, if they don't kick my butt their whole fucking world is going to come to an end OMGWTF!!?!?!?. Blah Blah Blah. They are so ridiculously competitive.

The teams I bowl on really have a good time bowling. We have fun whether we are winning or losing and we try to make it as much fun for the other teams as it is for us because that's what it really comes down to: Bowling is Fun! If it's not, then you're doing it wrong - not unlike that other position round sport.


Pokerwolf said...

I hate bowling with people who are so competitive that they can't have fun unless they're winning.

Sounds like your team is my kind of bowlers. =D

Do you guys play "bowling poker"? Here's how it works. You take a deck of cards and shuffle it before a game starts. Everyone who's playing puts in a buck. If a player bowls a strike, they draw two cards. If they bowl a spare, they draw one card. No mark = no cards. The person with the best poker hand at the end of 10 frames wins the pot.

Gadzooks64 said...

Pokerwolf, if you knew me better you'd know that bowling poker is a staple for me.

Click me!

I won one of today's games with quad Ks! Wooooot! The other two games we won't talk about. ;)

We used to play with XXX cards but somehow 5 of them walked off! :O

What I hate is bowling well and losing poker to somebody that is having a bad day (well below their average) when they suck out a poker win with a huge hand. I lost the poker hand when I threw my 299!

Pokerwolf said...

Pokerwolf, if you knew me better you'd know that bowling poker is a staple for me.

Well, then I guess I'll have to get to know you better, won't I? ;)

If you're on IM during the day, I'm Mor1ith on AIM and morlith.rm on Yahoo. Drop me a message and say "Hi!".

I lost the poker hand when I threw my 299!

Bad beat! LOL

am said...

Hi, my name is "am", and I like long walks on the beach while reading romance novels. My astrological sign is a Feces.

Can I get to know you better, too?

Zerbet said...

She's MINE I tell you! MINE! Get the hell away you low lifes!


MacAnthony said...

Wow, am. You must have really been born on a shitty month.

WHOAA!!! ZOMG am I funny!!!!

On a side note, I'm really feeling left out in this Zooks love-fest.

MacAnthony said...

Zooks, could you please post a picture of your asshole so I too can kiss it? That might put some balance to it.

MacAnthony said...

Pucker up

Gadzooks64 said...

Ok, I shouldn't have to warn you not to click on any links Mac puts out there but I feel compelled to say


There I said it.




If it wasn't Mac I'd just delete the comment.

MacAnthony said...

There you have it. She didn't delete my comment. I win this love-fest.

Gadzooks64 said...

Not deleted.