Friday, February 01, 2008

Roccopalooza Day 3

Day 3 started much too early. Mostly because several of us wanted to make the $80 1:00 pm tournament at the Majestic Star Casino that was about 50 minutes away from the hotel. We wanted to get there about an hour ahead so we would be able to get a seat before they sold out.

We drag our tired butts outta bed and get showered before heading over to the Poker Party Palace to pick up the rest of the degens that are going to play. We pile into the Slutmobile for our adventure.

Who wouldn't be intimidated by this crowd?

Five of the six of use are playing the tournament. Khanwoman decided she'd rather just hang out and make friends with the bar tenders if you catch my drift. I was the only one that didn't get a buddy at my table. Sly, Knighty, Huck and Rocco all ended up at a table with one other effer.

Right off the bat I noticed one guy playing almost every hand with any two cards and picking up pots that nobody was showing any interest in. Another two players were playing just about every hand even to a raise. I knew they wouldn't be around long and sure enough they were the first two off the table. I didn't play any hands for the first 3 rounds when I looked down to see JJ after one of the looser players had shoved from up front. I called and the players behind me instafolded. My JJ>AK. Wooot I finally played and won a hand!

I was so happy with my read of this next hand. UTG limps in (warning bells are going off in my head because he's definitely a tight player), LAG raises and gets called in two places. Back to UTG who repops it huge. Duh, I knew he had AA or KK. I just knew it. LAG folds and first caller takes forever to shove. The second caller said he was going to call if the first guy didn't but is now going to fold. UTG calls and they turn up: KK and TT. Woooooooot! I so had that nailed! The folder had AK and was sick to see an AAX flop. He would have been in great shape had he called but he made the correct play.

After folding for a long time I decide to raise from late middle position with A8c. I figured my table image will get me a lot of folds but then realized that LAG was the BB and he was definitely going to call. The flop was 8 high rainbow. Woooooot! I bet about 2/3 pot and he calls. Turn is a 9 and he shoves. Now, I wasn't real thrilled about that considering his previous hand ranges. He could have easily hit 2 pair or made the straight. I look intently at the board and riffle my chips in my right hand. Not much left there. I slowly look down from my 4 seat to his 8 seat and OMGWTF he looked terrified. I look back at the board and say, "Aight, I call." He turned up AK to my A8; he was drawing dead to a K. MHIG! Wooooot! That's the first time I've played a hand based on a read and it payed off!

I call that same guy's all in later with AJd and he shows AK but we end up splitting the pot. I got really lucky that time! It seems he has tightened up significantly after the first break. At one point he chided a player that pushed in after a few limpers saying, "You stole my move." I commented that he must be getting HUGE pot odds to call when he responded, "Not with these cards. They suck." I retorted, "That didn't seem to stop you earlier." The dealer then told "Gus" that I just said he sucked at poker! LOL! I guess this guy was a regular.

AQs is the next hand I play. UTG raised it up 3x and I flat called from the cutoff. The BB puts another few chips in and is all in. UTG and I both call. The flop comes out AXX with two small spades. UTG checks to me and I shove hoping I have his A beat or my spade draw hits. He calls and shows AQh. Woooooot! I'm freerolling for the whole pot! The BB had nothing and UTG and I end up splitting the pot. WTF is with all the split pots already! Live poker is so rigged ;).

I'm getting short stacked just before the second break when it is folded to me in the small blind and I peek down at 88. I push and the BB - a solid tight player - starts hemming and hawing. He makes a big show of mucking 66 face up. I look at him and say, "You can still reconsider" as I show my 88. Sigh.

The structure of this tournament was nice for the first 3 levels then it turned into a crapshoot - the antes and blinds were huge compared to the stack sizes. After the second break we picked up some more new players. I had heard about players that limped into every pot even when they had very few chips, players that asked every time how much they had to bet, players that had to be told every time is was their SB or BB but I never believed that you could get all of that IN ONE PLAYER. This guy was on my right and I was appalled every time he did one of those things. A player across the table caught my eye and we shared a look of "Can you believe it?"

Mr. I Limp KK UTG raised UTG and I find 77 on the button and shove it in. He calls saying he knows he's behind (he's got the chips now to make that call). He turns over 9sTs to my 77. Shit, I already don't like this. The dealer counts out the three flop cards and flips showing only the Js door card. Not crazy about that card but I can live with it. Then he slowly reveals the next card: 9. I literally yelled, "Fuck you!" Then the dealer ever so slowly revealed the next card: another effing 9! I yelled, "Fuck you harder!" I was standing up getting ready to leave when the dealer, at a glacial pace, burned and turned the turn card. OMGWTF! it was a 7s! HO MY GAWD! Did I just suck out in the most horribly brutal fashion or what? Even if I did, he still has outs. As one nice person reminded us, he had a straight flush draw to the 8s. Sigh. The river was the 6s giving him a flush to my boat. I survived! Wooooooooot!

While the dealer was dealing the next hand he says he needs to give me a warning for dropping the F Bomb. "Miss, if I recall correctly, you said "Fuck you!" followed by "Fuck you harder!" We just can't be having that." The whole table was cracking up.

I got moved to another table not long after that. I pushed once with 99 and got no callers. After that I was in push or fold mode - mostly fold. It was folded to me on the button. I shipped my 2 BB in with JTo. BB woke up with A8sooooooooooted and he called me. Really bad push by me there. This guy would have called with just about any two cards he was that active and deep. His hand is good and IGHN. I supposed I can't complain too much, 14/105+ is decent enough.

Of the 5 of us that played, one went out before the first break and the rest of us made it down to two tables. The money bubble was 12th. Three of us went 15,14,13! D'oh! The last man standing went out 8th for $200! Well done Knighty!

We were hoping to make it back to the hotel with time enough to pick up the rest of the crowd and head to Rocco's downtown lair but the football game had already started and we weren't going to make it all the way to Rocco's and still be able to see any part of the game. So we started up a S8 table and watched the rest of the game in the Poker Party Palace.

The rest of the story will have to wait. Stay tuned.

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