Wednesday, February 06, 2008



WTF Already!

The temperature swings have been unreal lately.

It's driving me and my sinuses crazy.

Enough already.

The kids are out of school from Friday to Tuesday.

Looks like it will be bowling and movies. Unless I go postal before then.


OhCaptain said...

Yes, this winter is getting ridiculous.

I want global warming back.

MacAnthony said...
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MacAnthony said...

Here, we've had an abnormally warm winter (I keep saying that year after year, so maybe Al Gore is right) with a few cold spells. I think having a mild winter makes it more difficult to tolerate those cold spells, though. We're becoming pansies.

--Deleted old comment to fix typo

SmBoatDrinks said...

Thanks for the calendar add for my PLHA Tourney!

am said...

hey Zooks, what's the weather like in Philly?

gawd, i crack myself up.

Lynx56 said...

Uh, yeah, like, it's gonna be 75 here Sunday-Monday. Feel free to move here like everyone else on the planet has. No proof of citizenship required, plenty of empty houses (I can hook you up with a beauty), all the traffic you can eat.