Tuesday, March 04, 2008


OMG I can't believe it's been so long since I posted.

Those of you looking for a Home Game post can find it over at The Corporation. The site was the brainchild of Snuffy. He used to post under his own blogspot site but has switched over to The Corporation. Several of us will be posting about different aspects of poker and our experiences playing poker.

This doesn't mean I won't be posting any poker content here. Of course I will! Heck, if you check out my tags you'll see that a vast majority of my posts are about poker - not bowling! (Yes, that's for you, Macanthony, you whiny butt.)

Now, for some bowling news! :P

Two weeks ago, as usual, I threw my Total NV. Another player on my team also has a Total NV. He shares his with another bowler on our team. When I packed up my balls and put them in the locker I inadvertently picked up his ball instead of mine. An honest mistake since they are the same ball.

So about now you should be wondering if he picked up my ball. Well, no. As a matter of fact, he didn't. And neither did the guy who was "borrowing" the ball from him. But I'm pretty sure both of them saw my ball sitting there. I don't know why neither thought that maybe, just maybe, I had picked up the wrong ball and that they should put my ball away for me.

My ball sat there. I guess it was still sitting there after the next league was done and a porter was going to take it back to the counter but was told to leave it there by some unknown person. This information came to me after the fact.

I wasn't able to bowl the following week but a couple of my teammates said they scoured the racks for my ball but didn't find it. I tried again myself this week also with no luck.

My Total NV is now somebody else's Total NV.

I'm really disappointed with this loss. Not for the ball itself so much. But the fact that my teammates would just leave my ball there after I had clearly put all my equipment away. Also, the fact that somebody else would take an expensive ball that obviously somebody was missing is disheartening.

Yes, I realize that the people that frequent bowling alleys aren't necessarily the "cream of society" but neither do I automatically classify them as criminals*. I sure hope that whoever has my ball enjoys his find. I also hope his fingers rot off and he never bowls again.

* A bowler from my Thursday morning league was recently jailed for drug trafficking. :O!


Anonymous said...

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Why, it's Clark! said...

Wow, you are rollin' (literally) wit' some straight-up gangstas, yo!