Thursday, March 06, 2008


Yes, I'm still pissy about my missing bowling ball. I snapped at somebody that asked me about it this morning and was barely civil to the many other people that showed their concern. I really need to develop a thicker skin about things like this.

Oddly, I've bowled well since that damn ball disappeared.

I threw a 600+ on Monday night.

This morning I did even better.

Trey, in true Trey fashion, strolled in hung over. This seems to be a disturbing trend but who can argue with these results:

Brian is our leadoff, then me, followed by Trey at anchor. Trey has come so close to bowling an 800 but so far hasn't been able to make it. After the start he had today he was on track but the second game left him with very little wiggle room: he'd have to bowl a 295 or better in the 3rd game to hit 800. Maybe next time.

We actually lost that middle game but took all the rest of the points. This team is firmly in second place even without Jimmy the star bowler. He had a class conflict and wasn't able to bowl the second half of the season with us.

I keep telling people I'm not buying another new ball (still bitter) I just need to learn to throw the ones I have. It would appear that going back to my old balls hasn't hurt my game at all. I haven't thrown this well (using the NV) in quite a long time.

Dare I say it? Maybe losing that ball was a good thing.

I'm still not buying another ball, though. (Yep, still bitter.)


am said...

Man what a appears that someone has also stolen my balls also. I think the legal term for that is "married".

themightyquin said...

I think Lance Armstrong handled it better when he lost a ball.

tsheets said...

So, are you bitter or something????

Gadzooks64 said...

He he he. ;)