Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Verizon Voice Mail

Ok, who hasn't gotten the most hilarious drunk dial voice mail that they wanted to share with, well, the whole world? If you know me and T then you know that we are the recipients of many a drunk dial.

We somehow managed once or twice to forward a voice mail but it wasn't recent and I don't recall how it was done. The need arose again to forward a voice mail (legit reason, not drunk dial) so I hit up google and, voila', here it is for me to share with one and all (or the 3 readers I have).

While Listening to a Message, Press:

1 - Rewind
1-1 Rewind to beginning of message
2 - Pause
3 - Fast Forward
3-3 Fast Forward to end of message
4 - Slower
5 - Envelope Info (date/time message was sent)
6 - Faster
7 - Delete Message
9 - Save Message
* - Cancel/Exit
0 - Help
# - Finish/Skip

After Listening to a Message, Press:

6 - Forward**
7 - Delete
8 - Reply**
9 - Save
0 - Help

**Forward/Reply only works with other Verizon Wireless Voice Mail subscribers in your own area.
They seem to have a pretty wide definition of "your own area" since T and I managed to do it and we don't even live in adjoining states.

So next time you get a priceless voice mail that must be share be sure to thank me!

Or better yet, forward it to me!

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