Monday, April 28, 2008

Poker, Poker & More Poker!

Wow, where to start.

T arrived late Friday and we stayed up about 2 hours just bullshitting. We knew the next day was going to be a busy one so we finally called it a day at 12:30am.

The next day was the Baseball Skills Assessment for the Zooks boys. It was cool with a biting wind and since TOH was out of town I had to take the boys. T and her girls came along as we were going to drop her vehicle to get the windows tinted.

We ran some errands after dropping off her wheels and then met up at Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. A couple more errands to load up on supplies for the evening and then home to get showered for the night.

DTM, Asian and Billy Vanilly showed up at 4:30pm. We had the cash game up and running at 4:31... ok, not really but darn close. We popped the pizzas in the oven, poured some drinks and the chips were flying.

I took DTM's first buyin when he had a worse kicker than me and I called his shove on the flop cause that's how I roll. Then I donated it all when we played the last hand before the tourney.

I limped in with a reasonable PLO hand (5 handed), QsJs83s. T completed from the SB and DTM check the BB.

T led out on the flop and DTM called I potted it thinking I might very well have the best hand (or maybe outdraw, d'oh); we got it all in. Boy was I wrong. One buy in down.

We had 15 runners for the home game and we had a live table going. T and I were the only effers on our table but the rest of the players were definitely in the mood to gamboooool. We had more rebuys on our table and when we combined tables the chip leader came from our table - that bitch.

I screwed myself when I shoved from the button with Th9h hoping to steal the blinds right after the rebuy ended but nooooo o o o o the SB woke up with AhJh. Luckily he was shorter than I was and I still had some chips left. I shoved my meager stack in with TT only to be called by Q8c. It was so painful to watch him runner runner flush me. Sigh.

T won a HUGE pot just before the final table when she ran her 66 into KQo AIPF and spiked a 6 on the river to outrun his flopped TPDK.

The Bitch went to the final table with a ginormous stack only to get run down and go out ITM in 4th to break even on her buyin. She joined the rest of us in the lewzor's lounge playing cash games in the basement.

Rumor has it that Gordo and Steve chopped most of 1st and 2nd and played it out. I think Gordo won but I left after the sexy pokerslut laid out the prize pool prior to the commencement of HU play. So, yes, it's true... I don't always cash in my home game.

Gary (my neighbor), and his friends, Ross and Chris, were just crazy enough to join us in our cash game madness. Little do they know how much we've played together and that it can get a little wild. A couple hands in I raised from the button with KQd only to get called by Asian who would totally call there with ATC (any two cards). The flop came out J84. Asian check-raised me and I called. The turn was another small blank card and Asian led for $5 and I called. The river another blank and Asian shoved. I thought a little bit and said, "Aight, I call." He mucks his cards. I showed him a K. I'm Gary and Ross were thinking, "OMGWTF did we just get into?"

I ended up donating those chips to DTM after I raised 99 and he reraised me. We see a flop of 884. I check, DTM shoves and I call. He shows AK and spikes a K on the turn. Sigh.

T got him back for me later though when she spike a T on the turn to take down hi TPTK. He he he.

I don't exactly remember how but I managed to make enough in the after game to break even for the weekend. I might actually have won a couple dollars. But the best part was being with my effers and playing poker. I think this may very well have been the best Home Game yet.

IF you want to see more pictures and some drunken video, well then you're just my kind of person! Click here.

I can't believe I stumbled to bed at 3am only to wake up at 6:30 unable to go back to sleep. I ended up cleaning up before everybody else got up. I did squeeze in a nap in the afternoon which I desperately needed.

The PokerSlut Tour started at 8pm and I had no excuse for not playing. The game was stud. Seven Card Stud. I know you might find this hard to believe but I'm actually something of a stud. If I say so myself. I lie. But, I did win a $5 Stud MTT on FTP once upon a time. So, given a lot of luck and some incompetent players I might have a shot at going deep.

Luck. Ok, I had my share.

Incompetent players. Hahahahahh! I wish.

We have some very good players that show up for the PokerSlut Tour week after week. This is our 9th season so you know most of these people are ahead of the curve by now although we did have one player that asked what "bi" was. (bi = bring in, fyi).

I was so tired the last hour of the tournament that I was laying my head in my hands and closing my eyes between every hand. Unfortunately by the time we got down to the bubble I wasn't really able to do that much.

Pretty much the only thing I recall is this hand:

I had to bring in and he folded. Sigh.

Heads up lasted something like 25 minutes. It was a roller coaster ride with both us waaaaaaay up and waaaaaay down. I had a huge hand at the end that totally whiffed on 7th street. I was doubled guttered and had an A high flush draw only to lose with A high to two pair. That was the last nail in the coffin. GG Rascony.

Today, I decided to play some ring on FTP today to test out the HUD in the beta of PokerTracker 3 when this hand came up.

And on that note.

Peace out.


nzgreen said...

That's a very dangerous board to be c-betting with AK.

jamyhawk said...

I really like those chips. Where did you get them? And were they customized for you?

Gadzooks64 said...

nz, I totally agree. I stayed in because I had draws to the nuts. I admit I played it horribly.

Jamy, I LOVE THESE CHIPS! No, they weren't custom and they are very reasonable from Flaming Frog Poker. You can check them out through the link on my side bar (I'm their first affiliate account so show me some love).

Also, there's a post I made about poker chips a long time ago. If you click on the pictures of the chips you'll also end up at Flaming Frog Poker.

Poker Chip Post

gordo said...

I had a good time Saturday night. I even got to join my bachelor party for a couple of hours.

Steve and I played heads up for at least an hour. We eventually chopped it with Steve getting a little more than me.

I haven't heard of any future games. I'll let you know when I do.