Monday, April 07, 2008

Random & Crappy

I'm going to steal a concept from my buddy Hrbek and fill this post with random and crappiness. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and don't you forget it.

I donked my way in 3rd place in the PokerSlut Tour last night.

4th hand in:

Full Tilt Poker Game #5933069599: Pokerslut Tour IX (41935241), Table 2 - 15/30 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:02:14 ET - 2008/04/06
Seat 1: stpetebeach (2,985)
Seat 2: Mangus (3,000)
Seat 3: gadzooks64 (2,955)
Seat 4: VBDave (3,015)
Seat 5: Thitsa (3,000)
Seat 6: Lillian2611 (3,045)
VBDave posts the small blind of 15
Thitsa posts the big blind of 30
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to gadzooks64 [5s 7s]
Lillian2611 folds
stpetebeach folds
Mangus calls 30
gadzooks64 calls 30
VBDave calls 15
Thitsa checks
*** FLOP *** [7d 4c 5c]
VBDave bets 90
Scoot2 (Observer): ZOOKKKKKKKKKSS, Mango & Lil!!!
Thitsa folds
Mangus calls 90
gadzooks64 raises to 480
VBDave raises to 1,100
Mangus: hey scoot
Mangus has 15 seconds left to act
Lillian2611: scoooooooooooot
Mangus calls 1,010
gadzooks64 raises to 2,925, and is all in
VBDave raises to 2,985, and is all in
Mangus has 15 seconds left to act
Mangus calls 1,870, and is all in
VBDave shows [7c 8c]
Mangus shows [Jc 9c]
gadzooks64 shows [5s 7s]
Uncalled bet of 15 returned to VBDave
*** TURN *** [7d 4c 5c] [3d]
*** RIVER *** [7d 4c 5c 3d] [3s]
VBDave shows two pair, Sevens and Threes
Mangus shows a pair of Threes
VBDave wins the side pot (90) with two pair, Sevens and Threes
gadzooks64 shows two pair, Sevens and Fives
gadzooks64 wins the main pot (8,895) with two pair, Sevens and Fives
Mangus stands up
stpetebeach stands up
gadzooks64 stands up
VBDave stands up
Thitsa stands up
Lillian2611 stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 8,985 Main pot 8,895. Side pot 90. | Rake 0
Board: [7d 4c 5c 3d 3s]
Seat 1: stpetebeach didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: Mangus showed [Jc 9c] and lost with a pair of Threes
Seat 3: gadzooks64 (button) showed [5s 7s] and won (8,895) with two pair, Sevens and Fives
Seat 4: VBDave (small blind) showed [7c 8c] and won (90) with two pair, Sevens and Threes
Seat 5: Thitsa (big blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 6: Lillian2611 didn't bet (folded)

You can highlight the black test to see the results. I spewed some chips later when I hit my flush on the river at the same time as somebody hit her full house, doh. I also spewed when my overpair ran into a set. Such is life. The final table was tight tight tight so I had to resort to stealing every opportunity I could find. I chose a piss poor time to do it:

[side note: children just walked into the house and I said, "Hello, strangers," only to be told, "We're not strangers, we're Lindsay Lohan." Doh!]

Back to the hand at hand excerpted from the victim's blog:

Hand #5934891459 begins at 2008/04/07 04:20:28
scottc25 folds
gadzooks64 raises to 7,340 and is all-in
Wisconsin Lefty folds
Lillian2611 raises to 10,635 and is all-in I'm 2:1 pre-flop
ElSnarfGrande folds
Mrs Slys Money folds
Dealing Flop [Qd 7s Kc] I'm 83% to win
Dealing Turn [Jd] Perhaps surprisingly, I go down to 77% here
Dealing River [6d] Bonk ... That's poker!
gadzooks64 has [5d Ad]
gadzooks64 has Flush, Ace High
Lillian2611 has [Js Jh]
Lillian2611 has Three of a Kind, Jacks
gadzooks64 wins 16,030 with Flush, Ace High
Boy did I catch grief for that. Oops.

Started going back to the gym. Khan has guilted me into it. She looks amazing and I don't. So there it is.

Good news: many more hawt guys at gym now than when I stopped going. Well, I suppose that is good and bad news as the hawt guys won't wanna look at yours truly. Sigh

[side note: Zooks99 turned down an ice cream sandwich which is totally out of character so I asked, "Who are you and what did you do with Zooks99. Oh, wait. Nevermind. I forgot. You are Lindsay Lohan." That was worth a few chuckles.]

Published the PokerSlut Leaderboard in record time today.

Finishing up 18 Brazillian loads of laundry.

Just installed a new toilet seat.

Yes, it was gross.

No, I won't do it for you. Not even for money.

The now legendary Home Game is on for April 26th. You should come. No, really, you should. Not you [not Zerb]! But, you, yeah you definitely should come.

Khanwoman will be here and rumor has it DTM and his degenerate friends might make an appearance.

It's a secret but somebody's [not Khanwoman's] birthday is coming up in May and this would be the perfect time to show how much you care by hopping in that little foreign job you have and making the short trip to Casa Zooks to play some poker.

Just sayin.


t said...

hahahah good stuff

what you forgot to mention is that khan is just trying to look as good as you.

ive seen your ass in a bikini, just sayin.

whats w the lindsey lohan stuff???

am said...

Oh yeah? Well I've seen her ass when it wasn't in a bikini!

Lynx56 said...

It's either Casa de Zooks in May or Vegas in June. Not both. Decisions, decisions....

Gadzooks64 said...

I swear! You retired people are so nitty with money. :rolls eyes:

You do realize you are a dead man if you don't make Vegas, right?

tsheets said...

I don't know if I'm gonna make this one. I've got photo class that morning...starved rock @6:00 (yuk!). I'll have to see what kind of shape I'm in by afternoon / evening. Gettin' old sucks!!! LOL