Friday, May 02, 2008

Home Project

In most households it's the Husband (The Other Half, TOH) that takes care of the house maintenance type work.

Not at my house.

Yours truly gets the joy of changing filters, minor repairs, etc.

The time had come to do something about our basement storage area. When we moved in 4 years ago the plan was to build some do-it-yourself shelving like I had made TOH do in the former house. That was the plan. There was a flaw with this plan. I finally mentioned to TOH that, since he had no desire to do that job, perhaps we should see if my employer, the Handyman, would take it on.

The stars must have been aligned in our favor that day because the Handyman called me to say he needed a job for the next day as the job planned for 2 days was only going to take one. Woooooooooot! I told him what I needed and he gave me the thumbs up.

That left me with one afternoon to clear out the seriously over packed storage area so they would have room to work. Oh joy. I wish I had though to take a true before picture with all the crappage strewn about the room but alas you'll have to make do with these:

I designed the shelves using ShelfLinks. These little bad boys really take the work out of the whole process. You don't have to worry about any engineering just designing. With this system the shelves can hold up to 1000lbs. Try as I might, I doubt I could get 1000lbs worth of junk on one shelf. I went for a basic unit with 4 shelves. Nothing fancy but I think you can see where you could easily come up with custom designs to satisfy just about any need.

The crew showed up the next morning with 100 2x4s and fired up the saw and drills. The plan was to make 5 8' long units with 4 shelves each stacking 4 of them 2 deep to make 36" deep units along one wall for my storage tubs. A few hours later they were done and my work started.

Obviously there's still more orgainizing to do but I can take my time doing that; my immediate goal was to get all the stuff out of the finished area so the kids could have somewhere to play and crash.

Now if only I could get TOH to dispose of the trash pile:


Anonymous said...

What to do with the trash?

list under craigslist, free items.

your chit will disappear like cockroaches when someone flips the light switch.


Gadzooks64 said...

And I thought craigslist was only for sex.

Who knew?