Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Madness

Suggestion to your lovely wife that you (the royal you) invite her Inlaws over for a Mother's Day grillout during what must be the first Spring of the Next Ice Age is not going to score you any points.

Just sayin.

I cooked on Mother's Day.

Leaving your wife at home while you go to England for a week on business DURING THE WEEK THAT IT'S YOUR TURN TO DRIVE CARPOOL is also not going to score you any points.

Just sayin.

At least I did get to play a little poker on Mother's Day. I happened to fire up Full Tilt just as a $10 90 person KO SNG was about to make. I jumped in.

I have said before and I will continue to say: I HAVE NO CLUE WHY I BOTHER TO PLAY KO TOURNAMENTS, but, alas, I do.

I did make it to the final table, woooohooo, only to go out 8th when my 77 went up against 44. We got it all in on a flop of A64. That's right. I shipped it with an A on the table only to get called by bottom set. I so suck at poker. With the two KOs I managed to eek out, I scored a profit of $14 ish for my nearly two hours of play. I could make more at McDonald's. Just sayin.

Later that evening I talked some of the effers into joining me at $25NL tables. That turned out to be quite the profitable decision. I haven't played ring on FTP in ages but I must have snuck in under the doomswitch's radar because I left up over a buyin.

This is my second year participating in the Card Clubs Fantasy WSOP Pool. This particular pool has each participant drafting a team of players. Last year I was drawn for the number 2 spot. Under normal circumstances you'd say, Woooooooooot, but in this case we reverse the order every other round. So, I get to pick then wait almost two whole rounds before I get to pick again. In the meantime I get to watch my draft list get decimated by everybody else in the pool.

This year I figured out that the ideal spot was in the middle but that didn't help me at all as Gambit, sadist that he is, has a random number generating algorithm determine the order. This year I was third from last.

Shame shit different year.

A couple people in particular are taking my next choice(s) right out from under me. Only two people, and four picks, before I get to make my last pick but one of these people has been raiding my choices pretty much every round.

I'm getting so excited for the WSOP to start and for my trip out to Vegas. Turns out the host of the Super Bowl Sunday tournaments that I have played the last two years will be playing a $5k NLHE event the week that I'm there!

I'm done writing now.

You're done reading now.

As you were.

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