Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yes, you read that right. PangerPhone*.

I got one.

You're jealous. Go ahead. Admit it.

zooks: and I just read online that the Q9c might get released online on the 9th
zooks: which is after my any two kicks in on the 6th
khan: wooot
khan: its the PANGER
zooks: I'm so all over that if it's true
khan: u realize that?
zooks: hahahahah true
zooks: no I hadn't realized that
zooks: that's awesome
zooks: I'll have to start calling it the pangerphone
khan: ya i never realized it till u typed it
khan: cause i saw Q9c
khan: queen nine clubs
zooks: yeah lol

I bought my Motorola Q just before Vegaspalooza last year. What a mistake that was. I hardly new how to use the damn thing and went off to Vegas to meet up with a whole herd of degenerate poker players that were all going to be calling and texting yours truly. That was a real bonehead maneuver.

I enjoyed it so much I decided I would do it again.


I love my Q. I really really do. But it's starting to show a little wear and tear. The space bar sounds like it's going to come off any day now and the whole keypad - while a huge improvement over my Razr keypad - isn't the most user friendly keypad design.

I had checked out the Crackberries and the Sweaty Palms but just didn't find anything that really turned me on. The Q9h was better than the Q but I didn't care much for the color scheme and the whole Music Player & Two Home Screens thing just seemed like more trouble that it was worth.

While playing poker at Gordo's I met a guy who actually had Q9h and he said to wait for the 9c because the 9h was a pile of shit. Well, you don't have to tell me that twice. Besides, my New Any Two wasn't coming up until May 6th anyhow.

Verizon announced the release of the 9c for April. Well, April was pretty much gone and there was no scuttlebutt out on the internets about if/when it would be released. One of my neighbors who is also looking for a new phone even told me that she heard, from a Verizon store empolyee no less, that Verizon wasn't even going to release the 9c. NOOOOO O OO O OO O OO! Say it isn't so.

Sure enough a few days later a release date of May 9th was leaked on one of the Motorola forums. I'd been lurking there a while hoping to hear just such news! And what perfect timing! Mere days after I am eligible for a discount!

I was up late on Thursday night troubleshooting a hugely annoying Windows Updater problem when I popped over to the Verizon Wireless web page just to see if the phone was on there yet AND OMGWTF IT WAS! I ordered that bad boy before midnight local time. I received shipping confirmation before lunchtime the next day. I met the FedEx lady at the curb at 11:00 am this morning! She could tell I was excited!

Once again, Windows let me down. I had to uninstall and reinstall the Windows Mobile Device Manager TWICE before I could sync the new phone. What a pain in the arse. Over an hour on the phone with Tech Support.

This time I got my new phone a month before going to Vegas. I should have it figured out by then. Feel free to give me a call or send me a text on my new PangerPhone. I hope to figure out how to answer it here real soon.

* Panger: Q9; named for the woman who made it famous by horribly misplaying it.


Lynx56 said...

Are you absolutely sure you're not a guy? Girls don't obsess over gadgets like phones. Jeez, _I_ don't obsess over phones. Now an automated nose picker - that's a gadget to obsess over! :)

gordo said...

That's why people keep coming to my home game - tech advice and beer.

am said...

Did you compare against the Samsung Blackjack2? Or is that not a Verizon offering?

Gadzooks64 said...

Lynx: Only girl parts. Last I checked.

Gordo: OMGWTF!?!?! Beer?

am: No Samsung for Verizon but they are very similar to the my old Q.