Saturday, May 31, 2008

WSOP Fever

I'm catching the WSOP fever!

I'm checking up on my Fantasy Teams on PokerNews. My boy Patrik Antonius is doing well in the 10K PLHE event! Wooooooot! I had high hopes for Jeff Madsen as well but it looks like dropped out before the money.

I'm delighted with my team but I sure had a few other picks that got stolen before I could get to them.

Patrick Antonius, David Singer, Gavin Smith
Tom Schnieder, Randy Holland , Jeff Madsen

I'm also in the Full Tilt Poker Fantasy contest. The top winners for each event get into freerolls that get you a spot in a main event freeroll as well as some FTP hats you can win. I won a hat last year and a few freeroll entries but I think I may have not played any of the freerolls. I remember being eligible for a freeroll when I was in Vegas last year. As if I'm going to play online poker when I'm in Vegas!

Poor Snuffy. He won a seat into the Blogger TOC that has 2 WSOP Main Event seats as well as 2 WSOP Bracelet Prize packages in the prize pool. It's on Saturday, June 7th. The day AFTER we get to Vegas. D'oh. He's still deciding if he's going to rely on hotel wireless, connect via his Blackberry or hit up Virge for some free internets. What a dilema. I'm sure Snarf and I will be thinking of him when we're playing at Caesar's while he's grinding it out playing the TOC. Nawt.

Sigh. I can't wait for next Friday.


Anonymous said...

Trade Gavin for Kurt Morrison or Negraneu, silly girl


Gadzooks64 said...

Waht? Give up the 11th best HORSE player of 2006?

Though, I grant you Morrison much much much hawter than Smith.