Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mimi & MeMe

It has been said before by one very drunk and/or stoned person on one of my favorite forums that I resemble Mimi Rogers.

While I was walking off a bad session at Caesar's today there was obviously something going on related to the WSOP Ladies Event set to take place tomorrow as Linda Johnston (tournament director extraordinaire) had shown up in the Poker Room along with several other people.

I received a text from Snarf saying I needed to get back to the Poker Room as Mimi Rodgers had shown up and I needed to get a pic with here. Yeah, right.

I get back to the room and sure enough there's Mimi Rodgers. Before she could make her getaway DranDead asked to take my picture with her and she graciously agreed.

I wished her the best in the tournament tomorrow. I sure hope she takes it down!


Steven said...

so awesome!

tsheets said...

You do look a lot alike!!!

GL there in Vegas!!!!

milf hunter said...

OMG, HOT x 2

Why, it's Clark! said...

Holy crap, you look like Mimi Rogers!

jamyhawk said...

That's great! Definitely could be sisters