Friday, June 27, 2008

Pain in the Ass?

Mac: so you are gonna make me go figure this out on my own? 
Mac: WTF is going on
Me: figure what out?
Me: oh they quit their jobs and started a FL poker mag  
Mac: the dish, the skinny  
Mac: the lowdown
Me: the podcast is moving there too
Me: CCN stays the same
Me: sorry I only do fat, er phat
Me: yeah that's it
Mac: how fucking hard is it to get a dns record to propagate?
Me: what site? the anteup one?
Me: still says coming soon for me
Me: but I did get the new podcast feed to work
Me: I suppose you are too lazy to go get that for yourself? 
Mac: I get the server unavailable message from FF
Me: bummer  
Mac: there isn't anything to get Mac: I can't get to the server
Me: doh
Me: banned!
Me: hahahhhaha 
Mac: you are a real pain in the ass sometimes
Mac: you know that?
Me: only sometimes?
Me: I gotta work on that  

Mac: you suck at this  
Mac: just wanted you to know that
Me: it's stupid blogger beta
Me: fuckers 
Mac: hmm  
Mac: I wonder who gave you the link to that
Me: exactly

Damn you MacAnthony!

Me: this will be the single most republished post I have even done
Me: ok I'm going to fucking kill blogger
Me: ok now I'm getting pissed Me: wtf is it with the damn carriage returns?
Me: srsly  
Mac: user error?
Me: yeah, cause I have no idea how to hit ENTER
Me: FU  
Mac: it's the key right above the right shift key  
Mac: in case you forgot

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