Saturday, June 07, 2008

Vegas Day 1

We were already running a tad behind last night when Snuffy said it would be just as fast for us to walk to MGM instead or driving. Snuffy is a Nazi slave driver. Two old women walking down the miles and miles of the strip. Two old starving women. Did I mention old? Starving?

We get there and find the table of bloggers. Forgive me if I forget someone but here's who I can recall: Dr. Chako and his lovely Wife (I have twice the ass she has :(), Falstaff, PokerGrump, Columbo, Special K, StB, and California April. They looked to be having a great time. Short Stacked Shamus even showed up when they finally let him out of the cage at the Rio!

Snuffy, DraNDead and I got on the lists for several games then left to find some food. We eventually found our way onto some tables but it took a long time before I was actually called to the blogger table.

I had managed to get up a few dollars at my 3/6 table to donk off at the Blogger table. Good thing I didn't get any playable hands for the entire 4 rounds I played.

Lew Zor.

Yep. That's me. Lew Zor.

-1 in the cash games at MGM last night. Which is actually a HUGE improvement over last year's performance where I managed to donk off about $100 when I managed to brick out on every nut/nut draw I played. I supposed I should see that as a $99 improvement. Yeah, that's it. I'm +$99 from last year.

Enough poker, you say. Tell us about the shopping! Ok, just humor me here would ya? Gee, Thanks. Last year DraNDead and I stumbled onto a purse kiosk that we loved! I have used the purse I bought there everyday since last year. The kiosk is still there this year and we just got back from a Starbuck's run with a new purse for each of us! D'oh! I only have 3lbs to spare on my luggage and I'm sure I'll be pushing it. Good thing I plan on leaving some stuff behind anyway.

Snarf and Blind Guy will be hitting the ground running. We'll probably get a call from the luggage carousel asking us to put him on the list at Caesar's. Before then I need to hit the shower and take a nap. Us old ladies like naps.


Hrbek said...

old guys know: thar's nothing wrong with a little extra rear. it's real.

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

My cage isn't so bad. They do feed me and clean up semi-regularly. :)

Great meeting you.