Monday, June 09, 2008

Vegas Day 3

Snuffy and I decide to take a trip to the Gambler's General Store. Virge met us there and we wandered around checking out all the kewl stuff. I picked up a nice set of Kems on sale!

DranDead meets us at Grand Lux in The Pallazo after walking about 5298342987 miles out of her way when she left out of the wrong entrance to Harrah's. She indulged in two strawberry lemonades with double shots of vodka that ended up costing about $20 each. D'oh! I had the bestest Pot Pie there. It was HUGE!

We collected Blind Guy and Snarf and were off to Binion's for the PLO tournament.

I Gigli'd ON THE FIRST HAND! D'oh. I suck so hard at poker. I limped from the button with QsJsT8 and ended up calling a raise from the BB. Flop QJX. He bets, I pot, he calls. Turn was a 9 and he ships it and I call. My second nuts lost to his nuts (AKTX).

I head over to the 2/4 limit game to waste some time and hopefully get snockered cheaply. I hit a set of Ks and lose to runner runner flush. Another KK<23o. A flopped set of 8s goes down to a rivered flush.

I have now determined that this will be my night to get trashed. I go watch Lusky eat dinner while I make headway on my mission. Did I mention my goal was to get shitfaced?

After dinner we find Drandead and Snarf at a 3/6 O8. Lusky snags a seat while I go get on the waitlist (4th). That Lusky is such a sneaky guy. Eventually I get into the 10 seat and proceed to donk it up while ordering double vodka & cranberry every time the cocktail girl came by. I'm well on my way to achieving my goal. I'm nothing if not diligent. I figure Dran's $20 lemonades were actually cheaper than all of my vodka & cranberries put together.

I guess my friends determined that I was well past the point of hitting my goal so we pile into Lusky's car to head back to the hotel. I had to roll the window down to make myself feel better but about the time we hit the strip I was hurling out the window. Twice. DranDead helped me back to the room where I slipped into a blissful sleep.

I did manage to get up and post on the forum. Dran pokes her head in from a cigarette break on the balcony and was shocked to see me typing away on the laptop.

I felt fine this morning. Thankfully. I'm really getting too old for this.

Let's hope that my poker karma turns around soon or I may just end up on the rail for the rest of the trip.


tsheets said...

Maybe you expelled your bad luck on the strip (and side of the car)??? :-)

gordo said...

Sounds like a good trip so far.