Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vegas - The End

We changed hotels for the last night in Vegas from Harrah's on the strip to an offstrip site after dropping off DranDead at the airport. Neither of us had really decided what we wanted to do that day.

I was tempted to play the Caesar's $330 at noon but decided against it. After hitting the Rio for a bit we ended up at The Wynn poker room playing cash games. I should have known better given my recent cash game performances.

The Wynn poker room was packed. They had a $100 rebuy that was still running as well as many cash games. The tables were packed in so close to each other that it was practically impossible to get to your table - especially if it was in the back corner - without elbowing at least a half dozen poor unsuspecting gambolers and purse-slapping a few others.

It appeared that there was a whole 1 drink girls for the entire place. Srsly. I saw no more than one at a time and most of the time it was the same one. At one point she promised to bring me another water - the only double I was drinking since the cranberry & vodka - but never returned with it.

I must play a too tight game because the hands I threw away without thinking twice ended up as winners for somebody else (KTo UTG). One hand I was tempted to play would have cost me a HUGE pot had I played it. Nothing like sitting there knowing you would have lost a ton of money had you not folded, except, maybe, getting to play a hand and win a HUGE pot; I know nothing about winning a HUGE pot in live cash games. Zip, zilch, nada. I blinded away $50 and decided I was done with poker for the day.

Back at the hotel room I fork over for internet only to have the most pathetic internet I have ever paid for. I could not send email or upload any of my pictures. What a waste of money. I suppose the only thing left for me to do was play online. Duh.

I actually had a decent session playing online. I did get AA broken by KTo (sound familiar?) with a player (80/15) in the BB who flopped KTX. It's all good though, I managed to grind it back and then some.

I was at the airport early the next day where I enjoyed the best free wireless in the world. I uploaded my pictures, sent my email and downloaded two of the PokerRoad podcasts and otherwise perused the internets until my flight boarded.

Had a great flight. Got home. Played Drunken Euchre sober. I was at the same table all night (losers walk) and still managed to not win.

Found this waiting for me when I got home:

It's good to be home.


DraNDead said...

Explain bout the license...Did you get a new car? a new plate holder? a new plate? Whatever it was you got, the package is super cool...not as cool as UNSEIF but... cool nonetheless. ;)

Gadzooks64 said...

New plate.

I ordered it a few weeks ago.

OhCaptain said...

Welcome home! Hope you are staying dry. said...

If you are coming to just play poker, do it any other time BUT during WSOP.

Every poker player flocks here... hoping to win the cash to get in. Or simply hoping to rub elbows with the guys on TV.

What happens is that every room is jammed and you end up playing against the other good players from all over who are doing the same thing.

Crowded rooms, no cocktails... no wonder. WSOP time in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Come during the slow times of year, or even better... during times when conventions are in town:

Do you want to play against every good player from all over the world in town during Las Vegas WSOP or do you want to take a bunch of salesmen and manufacturers from the construction equipment convention or some car or clothes convention?

Hope this helps,

Ted Newkirk
Managing Editor