Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vegas the Next Day...

I can't remember what day of the week it is much less how many days I've been here. They all seem to run together now.

Snarf and Blind Guy leave today and Compton returns from California.

Yesterday I made it to the Ceasar's food court for some fried calamari that I loved the last time I was here. I wasn't disappointed.

Blind Guy and I played some 4/8 limit while Snuffy, Snarf and DranDead played in tournaments. I hopped onto a new table and Blind Guy joined me as they had a better seat open for him that the table he was at. Before we knew it The Persian joined us and tilted just about everybody at the table. He smelled horrible. He talked nonstop. He, of course, lied about every hand. In general, he annoyed the crap out of everybody. He eventually spewed his chips after getting a warning from a floor man. He sat around for a few more hands and then left. Thankfully.

Once again I had a horrible session. So few playable hands. A set of deuces cracked by runner runner straight, AK < AQ (he limped his AK), AQ < Q4 (thank you Snuffy, I raised he called from BB). I was going to leave with my last $30 in chips when Snuffy told me that I would break the table if I left as he would leave too. Talk about guilt. I stuck around until I shoved with my last 7 chips with with A6s and walked away from table the instructing Snuffy to pick up my chips should I win. I was going watch Virge and Bleu play video poker since I would surely find that infinitely more enjoyable than spewing my chips at a poker table. I received a text from snarf: wwcd. I had to ask for clarification: winner, winner, chicken dinner. I wrote back to just pick up my chips for me but was informed that floor would not allow that. I had do the walk of shame collect my $28 in chips myself. Poker has not been good to me this trip.

Virge and Bleu came to the IP with us and played some WSOP Texas Hold'em table game. While they were dumping money there I met up with BamBam and Pebbles at the Geisha bar; Snarf left the Hold'em game to go play Let It Ride with them. I strolled over there to watch for a bit and BamBam insisted I play a seat. I finally ponied up $40 of my own money, paid BamBam back and ran it up to $120 at one point but cashed out for $90. How sad is it that the only profit I have made on this trip so far is at $5 Let It Ride?

I was planning to play the $60 tournament at Planet Hollywood tonight but now Compton is suggesting that I hang out with him, Virge and Lusky. We'll see how that plays out. I did managed to win $480 playing this tournament last year; it has a good structure and a cheap buy-in. What more could a down and out poker player ask for?

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BamBam said...

When it comes to Let it Ride...

Peb's and I are the rake !!!

Great to see you and it was a blast getting to spend some time with you.