Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ante Up!

I've been a loyal listener of the Ante Up! podcast for quite some time now.  I don't recall if I've ever mentioned the actual podcast in any of my posts but I do know I've referred my readers to the Card Clubs Network where the Ante Up! Forum is located.

Scott Long and Chris Consenza, the two hosts of Ante Up!, have decided to quit their day jobs.  They have started Ante Up! Poker Magazine for Florida poker rooms.  The Ante Up! podcast has also moved to their new site.

The podcast has been broadcast for 3 years now and I've listened to every one of them.  As with anything some are better than others but all are worth a listen.  So head on over and subscribe to the podcast. 

You'll enjoy it.  I promise.

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Lynx56 said...

I listen to them at the gym so one show lasts more than a week (wish they'd stick to ~60 min). Haven't gotten to the "we quit" show yet but caught the buzz somewhere else. Very ballsy on their part.