Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School, Bowling & Poker Blahs

School has officially started now that the parents have attended Back to School night.  That's right, no excuses now.  It's time to get back to work.  I have a couple volunteer jobs at the boys' school and took on yet another one at the last Parents' Club Meeting.


So, yes, my summer is over, too.  Time to organize the spirit wear orders, start the scrip ordering system and get the Parents' Club website in order.

Bowling starts for me tomorrow morning.  I threw two games this summer.  They were decent enough games but, alas, only two.  My arm may fall off before then end of bowling tomorrow. 

The Monday morning league meeting isn't until after the Labor Day holiday so I may change my mind about bowling in it by then.  Depends on how these first two weeks on Thursday mornings go.

I know several of you are expecting a poker post.  Here's a short but sweet recap:

Fike's Tournament:
Started 5 or 6 handed.  Had a ton of "want to see a flop hands" that did nothing but get me in trouble.  Either I would totally whiff the flop (most of the time) or I would flop something and spew chips.  Shoved with 89sooooooooted only to be called by uber-clueless lucktard with Q2o and neither of us improved even though I doubled my outs by flopping an oesd.  So I sat there chatting on AIM with a friend while I watched the final table play out without me. 

My Home Game:
Again, started off short handed.  Managed to spew a ton of chips but with some aggressive play got back close to even when we finally lost a player and went down to one table.  Picked up QQ in late position and repopped a raiser.  I thought it was Paul who had raised;  Paul is famous for his Any Two Cards approach to poker so I was happy to re-pop him knowing I was well ahead of his opening range.  That's when I found out that is was Mr. Gunn - a reasonably good player - who had made the opening raise.  Mkay.  He shoved my reraise and I had to call but I figured he had outs, at the very least I figured he had an A.  Lucky for me he showed JJ and was drawing very slim - my hand held. 

Nothing interesting until we got down to the bubble.  The blinds were 1000/2000 and I had 10,500.  I shoved from button with K9o and got called by Paul with A7.  He spikes a 7 and I  never improved.  Just call me Bubble Bitch.

When Fike's friend, Derek, busted out we started a 3 handed cash game on a chair adjacent to the main table!  That was interesting to say the least.  I chipped up a little then spewed to Derek when my draw missed.  Finally we had more cash players so they moved the game to the table.  I missed a few hands over there while I was involved in hands at the tournament table but overall it was fun running back and forth.  Once we got to the bubble though I had to tell them to deal me out.

I rejoined the cash game after I busted out and managed to make back the tournament entry so all was not lost. 

Online Poker
I did squeeze in a token frenzy on FTP one afternoon this week.  The evening version of this tournament usually pays out about 50 spots but this one was only paying 40 places.  I was blinded down before I made a comeback.  I did pick up several AX hands after the antes hit and open shoved to steal the blinds.  Took out a shorty with AQ to have a comfortable enough lead that I was able to fold into the token. 

I have a pretty good track record of scoring in these frenzies, both the $24 and $75 ones.  My hope is to start playing some of the bigger MTTs with them.  In the past I've played SNGs but I think I my style of play is more suited to the MTTs.

I did download SNG Wizard recently.  I want to get better at my endgame; I've heard that even just the free trial period will help that tremendously.

After I get settled in with all my other jobs I hope to get on a poker playing schedule. 

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