Thursday, August 21, 2008


I had never even heard of Craigslist until my favorite Khanwoman posted an absolutely hilarious diatribe about men and sex in the personals section of her local Craigslist. All I can say is, "OMGWTF are you men thinking?" Srsly.

Alas, my experience with Craigslist has nothing to do with that kind of commerce.

With my mother's impending visit looming in the back of my mind my thoughts turned to housekeeping. No, really. My mother has, in the past, slept in the finished portion of our basement - we didn't finish a separate bedroom but there's room for that later if we want. Dispel any thoughts you may have an dank, dreary basements you may have encountered in the past. Our home is a mere 4 years old and the basement was finished with the same quality construction as the rest of the house.

When we aren't entertaining guests the basement is the playpen for our boys. Their two desktop computers reside on a 9 foot long counter not far from their own entertainment center (no play station type game console but plenty of those cheap plug-in games to keep most boys happy). We won't even mention the ginormous toy closet stuffed with the detritus of 10 years of childhood or the kewl under-the-stairs hide away for secret club meetings. There's even a full bathroom down there. I think posh covers it nicely.
When my mother is here, however, the boys aren't allowed free reign in the basement.  Did I mention that she's here for 4 weeks at a time?

I decided it was time to reclaim the 4th bedroom from the unused health equipment and make it into the guest room is always should have been.  Luckily the handyman had a few spare moments for his crew to haul my stuff to the basement for me and bring the bed upstairs.  The bedroom lacks only a dresser and it will be all set for my mother's visit.

But, what to do with all this dreck that we've accumulated?  Enter Craigslist.  I set up an account and listed the elliptical machine (I couldnt' convince TOH to part with the recumbent bike he's ignored for nearly 6 years now) and 2 TVs in a few minutes.  A few hours later one of the TVs left my house for a loving home with children.  Two days later the elliptical was gone to a good home as well.

Emboldened by my recent success, I scoured my basement for any other items that might also find a good home.  Since I'm a computer geek I found all kinds of peripherals and parts, etc.  I decided to give it a go.

Less than 30 minutes ago this guy who owns a PC consulting business walked out of here $200 lighter carrying several keyboards, mice, a router, wireless cards & dongles and my dead laptop (I had already removed the HDs and the RAM leaving him with a wireless card, keyboard, fried motherboard and the working monitor).  I think we both think we got the best of that deal LOL!  Win win is always good.

Craigslist: eBay and sex. 

Hmmm... speaking of a dresser.


Zerbet said...

"With my mother's impeding visit looming..."

I hope she doesn't impede you TOO much...

Gadzooks64 said...

Typo or Freudian slip. You decide.

Why, it's Clark! said...

Your basement is nicer than my whole apartment : (

Gadzooks64 said...

Even it that were true Clark, at least your apt is in Florida and NOT the frozen tundra of the Midwest.