Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Techno Drama

In my haste to get everything installed and configured to my taste I ignored the whole issue of the video capabilities of this machine.

It wasn't on purpose necessarily. The video was working more than satisfactorily while I installed the myriad of applications that I use regularly so I wasn't at all concerned.

After I was done, or nearly done (if it every REALLY done, I ask you?) I decided to turn on the SLi feature of this bad boy. Since I'm not a gamer I really didn't have anything to stress the video much less need 3D rendering. So, in short, there really was no way for me to know if it was working or not.

I did notice something a little suspicious though. I would open an application from the tray that monitored the network connections and, oddly enough, the window was blank. It really didn't set off any alarms in my head because it was a piece of software I was considering deleting anyway since I use the Windows built in networking software.

For whatever reason I decided to turn off the SLi (on and off each require a reboot, sigh) and just for amusement's sake opened up that program again and, OMG, it worked. Huh. Weird. Of course I repeat this just to make sure that my results are not an anomaly.

I'm pretty sure this warrants a call to Toshiba even if I fully intended to delete the software. After an hour or so on the phone with tech support I was told that I should try to uninstall that software and install a more current version and maybe update my video drivers.

Wow, that was a ton of time wasted.

I reinstall the program and still have the problem so next I head off to Nvidia to find drivers. I downloaded the latest driver and attempt to install it. I get an error to the effect that Nvidia can't find any driver compatible with my system. Bummer dude. Sigh.

I reactivate the SLi and uninstall the program that I didn't want anyway and just figure it's some problem specific to it and don't give it another thought. Until...

I fire up Spider Solitaire. Odd. Let me open Solitaire, too. Oh boy. How about FreeCell. Same result:

Ok, this definitely warrants another call to support. This time I'm told I should restore the system to it's original condition and see if the problem persists. Uh. No fucking way. I just spent 2 days configuring this bitch. Not happening. Next suggestion: take it to a Certified Repair facility an hour away from my house. Oh Fucking Joy. Yeah, I'll get right on that.


Google is my savior. I found a site that modifies the installer program for video drivers that does away with the "Nvidia can't find drivers compatible with your system" bullshit error and let's you install the latest driver.

After some messing around I finally get another driver installed and OMGWTF it works! AND I don't have to reboot to switch between SLi On and SLi Off. Whatever those guys at make it's not enough. Note to self: I think they take donations - get on that. They just saved me an ungodly amount of time and trouble. Srsly, I love these guys.

So this fairy tale has a happy ending. The slutty princess gets to live happily ever after with her new electronic toy. The End.


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Zerbet said...

why the eff didn't you just call me fer crissakes? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Gadzooks64 said...

Well, if you would EVER GET ON AIM I woulda asked you, duh.

arym said...

hey, good job. i hate computers. they are such a time-wasters. you did a good job of dealing with your problems, however frustrating it might have been at the time.