Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School, Bowling & Poker

Today is the first full day of school for the Zooks boys. I couldn't be more delighted. Zooks99 dropped by with two of his favorite Webkinz for me to take care of while he is gone all day. I guess having GrandKinz isn't all it's cracked up to be.

The goal for today is to make it to the gym. I've been living a little too large this summer. I think it's time to get that back under control.

I found out last night that there's a good chance NEITHER of my bowling teams will be coming back this year. Damn young people and their schedules. I'll be calling the league coordinator today to see if there are any morning league teams that need a bowler. I'm thinking I will stick to two morning leagues this year - if I can get on a team. The evenings are already so busy and it will be much easier on my schedule if I do away with night time bowling. This has NOTHING to do with possibly playing poker in the evenings. Nothing, I say.
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