Friday, August 01, 2008

Techno Drama - One More Time

Those of you that have been reading here for a while might recall Techno Drama I, II, and III and just for good measure, More Drama, will be delighted to know that I have bought yet another new laptop.

I know, I know.  You're thinking, "Uh, WTF woman, didn't you just buy a new laptop?!?!?"

Well, um, yeah.  But...

But, the video sucks so hard that I really needed a new laptop.  No, really.


Ok, I sense that you don't believe me so I'll just go ahead and admit that somebody (not Zerb) got a new screaming laptop and, well, I had to have one, too.  There, I said it.  But don't tell him (not Zerb).

So here I am jonesing for a new laptop cause you-know-who has one when what do I spot on my favorite shopping site, Sam's Club Auctions, but this bad boyToshiba X205-SLi1.  A gaming laptop.  17" of uber badness.  I had no clue what it was but I was sure I wanted it.  Go ahead, say it.  I know you're thinking it. 

"Do you even know wtf this is?"

Hell no, but after looking around I decided that this was a screaming good deal at about $900 that I couldn't pass it up.  Considering that I have bought 3 laptops in the last 27 months and all three cost about $900 this one was by far the most bang for my buck.

Laptop 1
HP dv8210us
512mb RAM, upgraded to 1.5gb RAM
1-80gb hard drive, added another 80gb hard drive
Windows XP
Wireless b, bought 108 MIMO card
Video, uh, yeah it's got it

Died a premature death due to motherboard failure at about 18 months of age.

Laptop 2
HP dv9627cl
2mb RAM
1-120gb hard drive & 1-80gb hard drive
Windows Vista
Wireless b/g
Video, uh sucks ass

Videos sucks ass so bad my score actually went down after I upgraded video driver.  Doh.

Laptop 3
Toshiba X205-Sli1
2mg RAM
2-120gb hard drives
Windows Vista Ultimate
Wireless b/g/n
Video, 2 screaming 256mb video cards that somehow work together kinda like lesbian porn.
As I explained to somebody (not Zerb), even if I waited another year to buy a new laptop I would never be able to get one equipped this well at this price point.  I can't bring myself to pay $1200+ for a computer.  Silly I know.  Considering I paid $2400 for a Gateway x386 machine back in my college years. 

Was it worth it?  You tell me.

I've been busy installing all the software listed here, and then some.  It boggles my mind how good I've gotten at setting up a laptop to my satisfaction.  I'm not quite done yet but I have very little left to do.

Probably the most impressive feat so far is the sound matching the action when I'm playing online poker.  I'm not sure that has every happened for me since I started playing online.

I sure hope this bad boy lasts a long time.  Otherwise I just paid $900 for a 10 pound lap warmer. 

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