Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blazman and The Douche Bag

Posted on Twitter earlier today:

Blaz: got a concussion on Sunday playing hockey, I can't play hockey anymore, I need a new hobby. Any ideas? 

Me:  @blazman I'd say anything not poker or political should work for you. Pry Ho'ing. Just sayin.

A few minutes ago he hits me up on IM:

Blaz: you a funny gal
Me: again or still?
Blaz: hmm
Me: is this about the ho-ing?
Blaz: y
Me: he he he
Blaz: I'll give it a shot
Blaz: you recommend craigs list?
Me: better get your shots first
Blaz: gotta listen to the douche bag in 10 minutes
Me: which one?
Blaz: Bush
Me: ahh, yeah nm
Blaz: going to tell us why we need to spend more money than god has to pay off these fuck sticks
Me: right
Me: glwt
Me: while all the Republicans nod and say to themselves, "thank gawd I don't pay any taxes"
Blaz: lol

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