Friday, September 19, 2008

Cereal Murderer

Ok, not just cereal.  Chips, too.


If you ever read a police report that goes something like this I wouldn't expect to read any new posts here for a while... maybe a long while.  Just sayin.
Dateline Small Town, Midwest USA  The woman dubbed the Cereal Killer was arraigned today.  While the State Psychiatrist, Igo Manhead, was unable to determine whether or not Mrs. I Killed My Husband for Eating His Cereal Too Loudly is indeed clinically insane her defense team is expected to use the insanity defense.

Underpaid Public Defender, Green Peaceful, was quoted recently, "Clearly this poor woman could take it no longer.  I'm sure he deserved to die, but obviously death by spoon not the way I'd want to go.  Anybody who could do that to somebody has got to be insane, right?"

Mrs. Loudly was heard by the press in the courtroom mumbling, "Don't even get me started on the chips.  He's lucky I didn't sprinkle them with arensic."

The deceased's parents were baffled by the violent turn of events.  "She was such a nice girl and a good mother.  I blame the poker.  Things went downhill when she started meeting with all these internet people.  Damn poker players!" sobbed the elder Mrs. Loudly.  "She was always so helpful with my computer issues.  I really don't understand it.  We're such quiet eaters... I just don't know how this could happen," add Mr. Loudly.

Maybe a long, long time. 

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