Thursday, September 25, 2008


Pokerwolf: If you throw a 600 series, I'll give your your buy-in for this week's PS game.
Pokerwolf: <-- will need photographic proof, tho
Me: lol, says the man that doesn't know I carry a camera with me everywhere?
Me: at the rate I've been going the last few weeks I'll pry miss by 15 pins

You would think that would be enough motivation for me.  You would think...

Actually I started out pretty decent this morning with a 207.  Then I proceeded to bowl like crap.  Shot a 174 the second game making it pretty unlikely that I would be able to hit a 600 series. 

I really didn't matter much since I didn't bother to take a picture of the first game, when I actually had a shot at it.  After I threw the 174 I just told myself, "Why bother?"

Of course I throw a 237 the last game.  GG me.  I hit a 618 series!  Wooooooot!  Wait a second!?!? D'oh!  No pictures.  Our newspaper will publish a record of any woman who bowls a 600 series or better.  Not sure if Pokerwolf will accept that as "photographic" proof but I'm sure going to try to guilt him into it!

Ever since I bowl a 666 that first week my average has been going down since I can't possibly keep that up.  It's gone from 222 to 206 and down to 201 this week.  This is the first week I managed to bowl at least my average!  I doubt I bowled well enough to raise my average but I should be able to keep it above 200 for one more week!


Pokerwolf said...

In order to get it, I have to see it.

Them's the rules. =)

Gadzooks64 said...

Oh you'll see it alright.

tsheets said...

With a little photoshop help, you could bowl any score you wanted. ;-)

Gadzooks64 said...

I like the way you think, Tim!