Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bowling Bet

zooks: I've got 15 mins before I gotta get ready for bowling
Pokerwolf: lol
Pokerwolf: Same offer applies!

zooks: aight just to clarify
zooks: were you making me a bowling deal this morning?
Pokerwolf: I did, yes
zooks: ok, just making sure
Pokerwolf: lol
zooks: you realize you're about to get pwned, right?
Pokerwolf: lol
Pokerwolf: That's fine
Pokerwolf: How'd you do?
zooks: now that would ruin the surprise wouldn't it?
Pokerwolf: hahahaha

A while back my buddy, Pokerwolf, bet me a PokerSlut Tour buy-in if I bowled a 600 but I had to provide photographic evidence.  Like an idiot I didn't take the pictures and sure enough I bowled a 600+.  D'oh.

Well, I wasn't about to let that happen twice.


226+190+204 = 620
Ship it!

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BamBam said...

SaweeeeeeT !