Monday, October 27, 2008

Bubble Bitch


That's me. 

I am she. 


The Bitch. 

The Bubble Bitch. 


We ended up having 15 players at the Home Game this weekend.  The T boys represented along with some of the usual faces and one newb.  I was in a generous mood when I handed out the chipstacks: 5000K.  My structure allows for a one time rebuy before the end of the 4th level.  Since I increased the starting stack to 5000 chips we didn't have quite as many rebuys as we sometimes do.

I blinded down to about 4k in chips.  Saw a flop or two and was around 3100 just before the end of the rebuy.  I picked up KK after a raise and a call - the perfect time to ship it and hope to chip up or rebuy.  No callers. 

Story of my night.  Too short to play any real poker.  I finally shoved with 66 after a utg raise from one of the more active players.  He called with A9o and, holy shit, my 66 holds up. 

Not long after I shipped KK from the BB after a raise and a call.  The raiser folded but the SB said he couldn't fold.  He shows AT and, sure as shit, the door card is an A.  Crap.

The VERY NEXT HAND I get dealt AA.  It's raised before me and I ship it.  He calls and I say, "You're not going to like this."  He has AQ and my hand holds. 

What a friggin roller coaster ride.

It gets down to the bubble - 5 left, 4 places pay.  I'm not in great shape but not too bad off.  It's folded to the SB to my BB.  He raises and I look down at A8 and I ship it like a donk.  The SB was the newb to my game but not a donk by any stretch.  He hadn't been getting out of line at all.  I have no idea why I thought he was making a move.  His TT holds and I'm the Bubble Bitch.
1st Tucker
2nd Ross
3rd Terry
4th Gordo

To quote my buddy, Fike, "I'm ready to get paid and am tired of losing.  I thoroughly expect to make bank this Tuesday."

See ya'll at the Cash game on Tuesday.  Rebuy!


jlzinck said...

Invite me to the home game, or move it to Cape Cod, and I'll show you how to suck out time after time!!

OhCaptain said...

You get an invite to my home game if I get an invite to yours...It's about an 8 hour drive?