Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More Mac

I do love me some Mac chat.

Mac: waste of time
Zooks: that 1 cent?
Mac: and you to thank
Zooks: me?
Zooks: what you found me playing it?
Mac: what?
Zooks: oh the tarot card thing?
Mac: the iq test thing
Zooks: ahhh ok
Zooks: lol
Zooks: I guess you failed
Zooks: hahahahahah
Mac: and hard to do with a baby
Zooks: btw, I just finised 66th in a 986 person 1 cent nlo tourney
Mac: i got a 139
Zooks: oh yeah
Zooks: lol 139
Zooks: I so pwn you
Mac: :P
Zooks: you know this is going in my blog
Mac: prolly

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