Monday, October 13, 2008


Yeah yeah yeah.  I know you all feel sorry for me and my overeducated underemployed self. 

Bite me!

Business hasn't exactly been booming for the Handyman lately.  It looks like his wife is going to take back the scheduling and phone answering, etc.

I'm good with it.  I've been so busy with the HOA and School stuff lately that I've been glad that the Handyman's phone hasn't been ringing all that much.  I had told him a while back that the system was very simple and I could easily show his wife how to do it but he didn't seem to be interested in going that direction.

Now that the economy is in the shitter, many of his potential customers will probably put off any repairs that aren't absolutely necessary.  I'm sure he'll make it through but it will be much easier when he doesn't have to pay me.

I've managed to save a nice chuck of $$$$ to blow at Blogger gatherings, Pokerpaloozas and for general chip spewing.  I hoped to go to the WSOP next year but if the economy isn't any better by then I probably won't bother.  No sense in getting fleeced by the poker pros in Vegas if I don't have to.


MacAnthony said...

Well, at least you have that lucrative poker career to fall back on... oh wait. Now I see your problem...


Gadzooks64 said...

Mac, you bastid.

Zerbet said...

You are always welcome to come play in St. Louis. Bring the whole bankroll of course.

Arthur said...

I always thought the payments from the handyman were for a little something, something?

Gadzooks64 said...

Uh huh.

You a dirty old man, am.