Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ivan Demidov

If you're a poker player that name sounds familiar. And it should. He's one of the "November Nine": the nine men on the final table of the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

Ivan also recently finished 3rd in a WSOPE event for almost $600k.

From Cardplayer:
Ivan Demidov is a 27-year-old professional poker player from Moscow, Russia. At the 2008 World Series of Poker, Demidov made his first major tournament cash when he finished 11th in the $1,000 no-limit hold’em rebuy event. He then went on to make the final table the $10,000 buy-in main event and is currently waiting for play to reconvene in November. He will enter the final table in second chip position.

Poker Stars has managed to score 7 of the 9 final table players. Not sure how or why Full Tilt fell down so badly when it came to wooing these guys. I would have loved to see Demidov flying Full Tilt Colors.

I have a few $$$ over on Poker Stars. When I get tired of running like shit on Full Tilt I fire up Poker Stars and see what kind of damage I can do over there. I wandered over there yesterday out of boredom and found this "Piece of Demidov" satellite taking late registration. For 50 PP I could vie for one of 38 seats to the real deal "Piece of Demidov" MTT where first places takes down $10,000 and gets 0.01% (the top 100 finishers get the 0.01% deal) of Demidov's Main Event cash. Pretty sweet deal. Sign me up!

I chipped up nicely early then ran cold for a loooooog time.  Near the bubble, I finally picked up and shoved JJ into 66 and 33 I could have sat out and taken down my seat into the MTT. Oddly, the very next hand I pick up AA and inst-shove but get no callers. Oh well. I didn't actually sit out but I did fold until my seat was awarded.

The best part about the MTT: top 4000 finishers get paid. As of last night just over 6000 players were registered. I'm sure that number will go up significantly before the 3pm launch but still pretty decent odds. So now you know how I'm going to waste my Sunday. Between the "Piece of Demidov", the PokerRoad Radio League and the PokerSlut Tour there's a distinct chance I'll be pokering most of the day.

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